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National Bipartite Action Group (NBAG)

The National Bipartite Action Group has been established by the DHBs and the Unions to work with and build on the success of existing bipartite and tripartite structures.

The DHBs and Unions recognise the opportunity within the bipartite framework to continue to build trust and new ways of working to meet the challenges ahead. New Zealand like many other countries is responding to fiscal and population changes that will place ongoing pressures on the resources available to the health sector. The DHBs and the Unions agree that there is real benefit in working together to generate solutions that will contribute to a vital future health sector for all New Zealanders.

The Bipartite Action Group has been established to provide a coordinating and oversight role for national bipartite activity, including support of local DHB bipartite groups.

This website contains all of the key documents that have been developed and agreed by National BAG in consultation with the sector.

The current members are the 20 DHBs, PSA, NZNO, SFWU, APEX, RDA, and NZMLWU with their logos shown below.

 bipartite action group logos 2


Establishing Documents

NBAG Terms of Reference
Bipartite Relationship Framework
HBL & Bipartite Action Group Change and Communications Framework
Change Management Framework


Healthy Workplaces Agreement
Smoke-free Guidelines
Social Media Guide for DHBs
DHB Adverse weather Policy
Redundancy Compensation and Re-employment
Vaccination Guidelines



NBAG Communique July 2015
NBAG Communique June 2015
NBAG Communique May 2015
NBAG Communique April 2015
NBAG Communique March 2015
NBAG Communique February 2015