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Singapore health officials visit to learn about interRAI

Singapore health authorities visited TAS and interRAI services during March 2019 to learn about how we use the interRAI assessment tool in the healthcare of older people.

New Zealand is one of the most comprehensive users of interRAI and the first country where interRAI is used nationwide.

Singapore health sector leaders are considering introducing interRAI as an assessment tool in their health sector. They visited interRAI Services at TAS to find out how interRAI is used here in New Zealand, to learn about our experiences using interRAI, and to find out more about the benefits.

interRAI Services staff are subject matter experts in comprehensive clinical assessment. The Singapore health sector leaders were keen to meet interRAI Services senior leaders at TAS.

They spent five days in New Zealand hosted by TAS and interRAI Services and visited a home and community service provider in Petone and aged care facilities in Auckland.

interRAI assessments are used to accurately determine the characteristics of a person in order to fully understand their needs. The information provided by interRAI assessment supports decisions made by a healthcare professional in a care plan.


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