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The Primary Care Integration Programme

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Primary Care Leaders’ Forum

Other community-based primary care programmes


The Primary Care Integration Programme

The Primary Care Integration Programme was established by all 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) to help them harness the knowledge and expertise existing within DHBs and use it to enhance integration across the sector.

The Programme is largely focused on supporting DHBs by:

  • providing support, advice and analysis to help DHBs understand and make informed collective decisions on issues presented at PSAAP as part of the PHO Service Agreement process.
  • supporting engagement and collaboration on emerging primary care strategic issues.
  • optimising opportunities for DHBs that enable integration between providers, community pharmacy and aged care.
  • fostering relationships and information sharing between DHBs to maximise the benefits associated with collective engagement and build capacity and capability where possible.

Programme Steering Group

The Primary Care Integration Steering Group provides strategic direction and guidance to the Programme and is chaired by Dr. Nick Chamberlain (Chief Executive Northland DHB).

Other Steering Group members include Dr. Ashley Bloomfield (Chief Executive Hutt Valley DHB), Carolyn Gullery (General Manager Planning & Funding Canterbury DHB), and Cathy O’Malley (General Manager Planning & Funding Nelson Marlborough DHB) and are supported by the Programme Team.

Contact the Programme

Michael Howard - Programme Manager Primary Care
04 473 5550
027 584 9960

Primary Health Organisation Service Agreement Amendment Protocol (PSAAP)

PSAAP involves District Health Boards, Primary Health Organisations, Contracted Providers and Ministry of Health working collaboratively to ensure that primary health care services are provided on a best for patient and best for system basis.

Primary Health Organisation Service Agreement Amendment Protocol (PSAAP)

Primary Care Leaders’ Forum 

Presentations from the 20 DHBs’ Primary Care Leaders’ Forum on Urgent Care: Providing Services and Managing Demand held on 23 August 2017 are attached below:

 Primary care resources 

Other community-based primary care programmes

The Community Pharmacy and the Health of Older People programmes are also being implemented by TAS on behalf of all 20 DHBs. This provides an opportunity for synergies and improved integration between a range of primary care providers.

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