Combined Dental Agreement Review


The current Combined Dental Agreement (CDA) (also known as the Service Agreement for the Provision of Oral Health Services for Adolescents and Special Dental Services for Adolescents and Children) was developed by the former Health Funding Authority and the Ministry of Health as part of the development of the Oral Health Service Agreement (OHSA) in 2000/2001.  It has not been substantially reviewed since its introduction.   

Consultation Feedback

The National Oral Health Group requested feedback on the range of proposed changes in January-February 2016.  Feedback was sought from:

  • Current contract holders via DHB Oral Health Portfolio Managers
  • Current contract holders via the New Zealand Dental Association
  • General Managers for Planning and Funding and Oral Health Portfolio Managers across New Zealand's DHBs
  • Approving Dental Officers.

Thank you to the many contract holders and other stakeholders who provided feedback.

  • 16 stakeholders took the time to write to the NZDA or the Oral Health Group secretariat with their views.
  • 67 individual pieces of feedback were recorded.

A full summary of all the feedback and the response and recommendation of the Oral Health Group can be found here.  The main changes incorporated into the agreement as a result of the feedback includes:

  • Prior approval will not be required for root canal therapy (RCT) for 2016/17.  Anterior and posterior RCT items codes have been separated.
  • The new code for the treatment of periodontal disease (PDT1) appears in both the Oral Health Services for Adolescents and Special Dental Services for Children and Adolescents schedules.
  • The Combined Dental Agreement can be held by a range of professionals (dentists, oral health therapist, dental hygienists) and organisations (trusts, companies, partnerships, sole trader etc).  Except where a scope of practice restriction applies, the forms and wording within the agreement reflects the variety of professionals who hold a contract.  
  • The fee for 'subsequent extractions' (EXT2) has been increased to 75% of the fee for the 'first extraction' (EXT1). 

Consultation Log

Full Combined Dental Agreement and Operational Guidelines

2016/17 Combined Dental Agreement   2016/17 Operational Guidelines

Sector Operations at the Ministry of Health or your local Oral Health Portfolio Manager are sending current contract holders their CDA and Operational Guidelines throughout May/June 2016.  Please read these documents carefully before signing and returning.

Who is on the National Oral Health Group?

Representative members of the Oral Health Group include the following:

Representative Area Member
DHB General Manager Margaret Hill (Chair)
DHB Clinical Representative  Dr Robin Whyman
DHB Clinical Representative Dr Geoff Hunt
DHB Oral Health Portfolio Representative Christine McKay (Northern Region)
DHB Oral Health Portfolio Representative Vicki Kershaw  (Midland Region)
DHB Oral Health Portfolio Representative Emma Skudder (Central Region)
DHB Oral Health Portfolio Representative  Matthew Wood (Southern Region)
Central TAS (DHB Shared Services) Craig Moore
Ministry of Health MOH Clinical Advisor (vacant)
Ministry of Health Alan Henderson (Snr Contracts Manager)
Ministry of Health Akenese Sione (Sector Operations/Payments)

Contacting the National Oral Health Group

You can contact the Oral Health Group via the secretariat,