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National Programmes

National Hospital Quality and Productivity Programme

This District Health Board initiative assists DHB Chief Operating Officers to identify areas for performance improvement. This program undertakes quarterly reporting of a suite of fifteen indicators that reflect quality, service standard, and productivity in New Zealand’s public hospitals.

The majority of reports are based on the national collections, while a sequence of five productivity reports are based on collection of District Health Board finance data aligned with service groupings. The productivity indicators provide District Health Boards with a wealth of comparative information and service weights are used to ensure proper alignment between volume and expenditure measurements. Indicators based on national collections data present both raw and standardised forms, allowing sensible comparison across DHBs.

These reports, released via a secure extranet, provide some powerful tools to assist improving performance in our hospitals. They include time series at quarterly steps back to the first quarter of 2009/10, as well as indicator views for service groups, facility, age, and for the District Health Board  overall.

For more information, please contact:

Kevin Sharkey
Manager Business Information
Phone: 04 801 2566
Mobile: 027 809 9342

National Oral Health

We support New Zealand's District Health Boards through the national provision of:

  • Project management services to the governance group that oversees publicly-funded oral health services for adolescents, and specialist dental services for children and adolescents (the "Combined Dental Agreement (CDA)".

The Combined Dental Agreement will undergo a review in 2018/19.  For more information, please see the CDA contract review page on this website.

For more information, please contact: 

Sat Narayan
Project Manager, Planning and Improvement
Phone: 04 801 2462