Primary Care

This describes care provided to people in the community including through General Practice. It plays an essential role in improving health outcomes for New Zealanders.

Our organisation provides professional high quality management services to support District Health Boards to deliver primary care to these services to their communities.

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Planning and Improvement

Our team facilitates strategic planning on behalf of DHBs and stakeholders and delivers knowledge, insight, project management and support services for our customers across a number of projects and programmes of work.

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Collaboration and Development

At the heart of our work is the development, implementation and maintenance of a cross-functional collaboration strategy and framework for our key stakeholders, including District Health Boards, the Ministry of Health, Primary Health Organisations and other health agencies.

The purpose of the strategy and framework is to support and encourage the health sector to team up with other relevant agencies to maximise opportunities to increase innovation, productivity and quality, in turn delivering better health and wellbeing outcomes for New Zealanders.

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Regional Workforce Development

We have a key role in collaborating with the six central region District Health Boards on workforce development and sustainability. One element of our work is the Regional Services Plan, which sets out how DHBs will work together to address workforce priorities. 

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