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Taking action on acute demand pressures in DHBs

Acute Demand Case Study

DHBs are facing increasingly complex challenges. Over the last year, TAS has been focused on addressing one of these key challenges - acute demand. The pressures caused by acute demand, a term used to refer to any unplanned admission to hospital are likely to increase, posing a significant threat to our health system.

In June 2019, TAS produced the report Addressing Acute Demand Pressures, championed by the Health System Performance-Insights (HSP-I) programme, to provide a collective narrative for acute demand. The data insights in the report aim to provide a better understanding of the factors affecting acute demand pressures on the public health system. 

The health insights gained from the report will benefit all DHBs, despite their differences. With increased clarity and understanding, the DHBs are better positioned to work together, and from a new perspective, to overcome these challenges and ultimately affect positive change in our communities.