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School for Change Agents ‒ do you want to rock the boat without falling out?

TAS’ National Innovation Programme is offering NZ-based support and mentoring for the world-renowned School for Change Agents to DHB staff.

This is a unique opportunity for DHBs to join a programme credited with helping thousands of international clinicians and managers in the health and social sector learn strategies for leading change,’ says Craig Moore, TAS Quality Improvement Manager.

The School for Change Agents is a free programme administered and facilitated by the NHS Horizons team, part of the Strategy and Innovation Directorate of NHS England. 

‘The programme’s strength is in its global standing, accessibility of learning it offers and the path it paves to become a certified Change Agent.’

Throughout the programme participants will navigate their way through challenges that change leaders typically experience.

You’ll learn how to work with hierarchies and traditional power relationships, with people who might be resistant to change, reluctance and the stages people can go through during a change. Importantly, you’ll also learn how to build resilience and to make the most out of knock backs,’ says Craig Moore.  

Information on signing up

If you want the skills and confidence to enable change or want to become a change leader, we encourage you to register your interest. 

There are several programme streams beginning on different days from 20 May 2019 but there are only limited spaces available for each DHB.

If you miss out on a spot, don't worry as you can still participate in the programme on your own without attending the weekly meetings.

Find out more about School for Change Agents

mage credit on homepage: NHS Horizons