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Perspectives on quality

2017 18 Annual Report banner

As a comprehensive assessment system, interRAI offers many different perspectives on quality, be it quality of care or quality of the data interRAI produces.

We are pleased to present the interRAI New Zealand 2017/18 Annual Report. The theme for this report is Quality.

2017-2018 interRAI New Zealand Annual Report [1.3Mb]

January 2019 

First data from the Palliative Care assessment

Last year we introduced the interRAI Palliative Care assessment for home care clients with a palliative diagnosis. Assessors can choose this assessment as an alternative to the Home Care assessment. The assessment focuses on items appropriate to palliative care, managing pain and fatigue, and preparing for the need for increased support.

Over 800 assessments form the basis of our initial overview of Palliative Care data. Read about it on page 6 of the Annual Report. 

How good is our data?

For the first time we have reviewed the quality of interRAI data. 

The interRAI New Zealand Governance Board commissioned the interRAI Data Quality Project to investigate the quality of our data. 

Read about how we reviewed our data, what issues we found and what conclusions we came to in the Annual Report on page 14. 

Quality indicators: Measuring the quality of care

Our new Quality Indicators for aged residential care facilities can be used to better understand the quality of service a facility delivers, to identify areas where the facility is doing well and where there are areas for improvement. 

Read about how quality indicators work and how to use them on page 21 of the Annual Report. 

Quality of life: interRAI wellbeing measures

interRAI assessments collect a wealth of social and wellbeing information highlighting the risks and issues people face as they age. 

Read about how well older people in New Zealand are on page 25 of the Annual Report. 


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