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If you have a media query please phone us on 04 801 2430 and speak to the Communications team. Or you can email us at:

Employment Relations: (Spiro Anastasiou M: 021 450 599)

Media releases 

 Administration and Clerical Settlement [204kb]                                                                                   17 May 2022

DHBs prepared for Allied Health workers' strike                                                                                15 May 2022

Injunction stops hospital strike [101kb]                                                                                                 3 March 2022

DHBs seek injunction to stop hospital strike [126kb]                                                                           1 March 2022

 DHBs call for a solution, not a fight [148kb]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

DHB staff Covid-19 vaccinations

 DHB unvaccinated staff numbers reduce [241kb]                                                                                 23 December 2021   

DHBs release more information about unvaccinated staff [215kb]
  23 November 2021

DHBs continue to consult with unvaccinated staff [195kb]
 17 November 2021

DHBs support health workforce COVID-19 vaccination mandate [112kb]
 16 November 2021

DHBs work towards implementation of Vaccination Order [168kb]
 10 November 2021

New DHB staff vaccination figures show steady rise [169kb]    13 October 2021

DHBs pleased with high COVID-19 vaccination levels [193kb]

        22 September 2021


Nursing Pay Equity Claim - Agreement in Principle [145kb]                                                                  22 December 2021

NZNO MECA: DHBs and Nurses Union settle pay talks                                                                         15 October 2021 [103kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs say let's use pay equity to stop strikes and find a solution  
17 Aug 2021 [114kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs seek ruling on emergency cover by union members
02 August 2021 [107kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs talk to NZNO to advance settlement 
30 July 2021 [101kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs surprised by nurses 'No' vote
29 July 2021 [111kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs outline offer to settle NZNO MECA
16 July 2021 [104kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs focused on settlement
06 July 2021 [105kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs disappointed by strike ballot
29 June 2021 [115kb]

NZNO MECA: DHB's strike contingency response going to plan
9 June 2021 [115kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs disappointed by strike action
7 June 2021 [257kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs look to mediation to resolve pay talks
14 May 2021 [116kb]

NZNO MECA: DHBs disappointed offers of pay rises dismissed
13 April 2021 [152kb]

Other MECAs

STONZ MECA: DHBs and STONZ settle pay talks [124 kb]                                                                   21 December 2021

MERAS Midwives MECA: DHBs say let midwives decide
05 August 2021 [212kb]


DHBs commission community pharmacy reviews 2020

Community Pharmacy Services and Funding Model Review [155kb]

17 August 2020


Community Pharmacy Wage Cost Pressure Review [163kb]

17 August 2020


DHBs increase funding for community pharmacy services contract 2020

DHBs increase funding for community pharmacy services contract

4 August 2020

Holidays Act 2020

20 DHB Holidays Act remediation [120KB]

4 August 2020

District Health Boards and New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) are reviewing the payroll records of more than 150,000 former and current employees going back more than 10 years – to 1 May 2010.

COVID-19 funding for pharmacies 2020

Additional COVID-19 funding now available for critical community pharmacies [149KB]

22 July 2020

District Health Boards are urging community pharmacies in serious financial difficulty due to the impact of COVID-19 to get in touch to see if they are eligible for the $18 million funding package announced by the Government in June.

Holidays Act compliance 2019

Holidays Act compliance project [146kb]

8 October 2019

More than 100,000 health workers will have their holiday pay calculations reviewed going back to 2010 with an undertaking that any shortfall will be refunded.

Employment Relations 2019

DHBs ask ERA for facilitation to end MIT Strikes Association  [107kb] 

29 October 2019 

DHBs are asking the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) to help break the impasse in bargaining with APEX Medical Imaging Technologists (MITs) which has seen multiple strikes disrupting patient services.

Midwives and DHBs settle pay talks [110kb]

12 April

DHBs announce a settlement has been reached with midwives covered by the MERAS (Midwifery Employee Representation & Advisory Service).


Resident Medical Officers Bargaining 2019

Settlement agreed with NZ Resident Doctors’ Association [139kb] 

12 August 2019 

Resident Medical Officers who are members of the NZ Resident Doctors’ Association have accepted a new pay settlement agreed by their union and District Health Boards.

Facilitation best chance of settling RMO dispute [89kb] 

2 May 2019 

As the five-day strike by Resident Medical Officers draws to an end, DHBs say facilitation by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) is the best chance for settling the dispute.

Strikes unnecessary now facilitation set

24 April 2019

DHBs are urging resident medical officers to withdraw planned strike action and let ERA do its job. 

DHBs welcome ERA decision [80kb]

15 April 2019

DHBs welcome the Employment Relations Authority’s decision to grant facilitation and are available to meet as soon as possible.

DHBs say time for cool heads [85kb]

12 April 2019

DHBs say the planned five-day strike from Monday 29 April by some Resident Medical Officers is unnecessary, uncalled for and disproportionate when there's a process underway to find a settlement.

RDA members urged to consider offer [100kb]

5 April 2019

DHBs are asking the RDA to let its members see the settlement offer that's been made before they consider another strike.

RDA Strike Notice withdrawn [89kb]

4 April 2019

DHBs are pleased the planned RDA strike before Easter has been called off.

Union action duplicitous [95kb]

29 March 2019

DHBs say the four-day strike threatened by the Resident Doctors' Association is a union trying to cause disruption to services to distract from the key issue at the heart of this dispute.

DHBs open to further talks [89kb]

8 March 2019

DHBs are disappointed the Resident Doctors' Association cut short mediation in Auckland yesterday.

DHBs take legal action [88kb]

18 February 2019

DHBs gear up for next strikes [90kb]

14 February 2019

Official information request for RMOs working during 29 to 30 January strike [100kb]

5 February 2019

DHBs cope well with RDA strike - remain committed to good faith bargaining [102kb]

30 January 2019

DHBs remain open to talks [90kb]

29 January 2019

Mediation fails to prevent strike [96kb] 

24 January 2019

The RDA has rejected attempts to resolve the current rostering dispute and intends to strike again.

Official information request for RMOs working during the 48 hour strike [274kb]

23 January 2019

DHBs cope well with RDA strike [91kb]

16 January 2019

Hospitals are coping well with the Resident Doctor's Association 48 hour strike.

DHBs dispute union’s claims about bargaining [87kb]

11 January 2019

DHBs disappointed by RDA strike action [91kb]

10 January 2019

DHBs disappointed by strike threat [92kb]

1 January 2019

Aged Residential Care funding model review 2019

Review provides valuable insights into funding model for aged residential care [149kb]

4 September 2019

A new report into the funding model for aged residential care provides valuable insights into how government could fund this sector in the future, say the Ministry of Health and the country’s 20 District Health Boards.



NZNO MECA bargaining 2018 

DHBs welcome ‘Yes’ vote [189kb]

District Health Boards are promising to work with the New Zealand Nurses Organisation on the issues raised by nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants during contract negotiations.

August 7 2018

District Health Boards welcome signing of Accord [185kb]

District Health Boards say the Effective Implementation Accord signed today is an important part of addressing staffing and workforce issues at the heart of the current negotiations with the New Zealand Nurses Organisation.

30 July 2018

Safe working and career development at the heart of joint Accord [255kb]

District Health Boards will join the New Zealand Nurses Organisation and the Ministry of Health in an agreement about staffing levels and working conditions.

27 July 2018

Revised offer to NZNO [186kb]

District Health Boards have made a revised offer to NZNO nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants.

25 July 2018

NZNO and DHBs focused on reaching settlement [259kb]

24 July 2018

NZNO and DHBs joint media statement further talks planned [256kb]

18 July 2018

Nurses’ strike concludes [188kb]

13 July 2018

DHB – strike response update [185kb]

12 July 2018

DHBs acknowledge staff and volunteers in strike response [188kb]

12 July 2018

DHBs strike contingency response going to plan [187kb]

12 July 2018

DHBs receive facilitator’s recommendation [185kb]

11 July 2018

DHBs will still try to avoid strike [269kb]

10 July 2018

DHBs seek urgent facilitation to try and avert strike action [371kb]

25 June 2018

DHBs across the country prepare for industrial action [188kb]

20 June 2018

DHBs look to prevent strike action [187kb]

18 June 2018

A significantly better offer [206kb]

28 May 2018