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Keeping patients and staff safe: a new website for Care Capacity Demand Management

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A new website is helping DHBs match their staff capacity with patient demand, a priority set by the Government this August.

A partnership approach

The CCDM (Care Capacity Demand Management) programme helps DHBs place the right number of skilled staff in the right place, at the right time – meeting patients’ needs, and delivering safe and effective care. Care Capacity Demand Management is managed by the Safe Staffing, Healthy Workplaces Unit at TAS.

Care Capacity Demand Management

September 2018

The Government’s accord, signed with the New Zealand Nurses Organisation and DHBs in August 2018, puts safe staffing levels as a top priority for CCDM Councils. The programme is a partnership between DHB executives, health unions, and representatives from nursing, midwifery, and Allied Health. Staff can use a toolkit of best practice on the CCDM website. The website makes the information accessible for everyone from nurses on the floor, right through to the public.

Safe staffing for nurses, DHBs and members of the CCDM council

'Nurses can look at the website and see what safe staffing activities should be happening on their ward. For example, roster and FTE calculations every year,' Colette Breton, Programme Consultant – CCDM Informatics says. 'On the day nurses and DHBs can use their variance indicator score - every ward should have one - to provide early warning of when they’re feeling unsafe, and make changes.'

Rachael Timutimu is the CCDM Coordinator for Mid Central DHB, and uses the CCDM website daily.

'I co-ordinate the CCDM programme for the DHB; setting up working groups, co-ordinating the council, and helping charge nurses and staff better understand CCDM. The charge nurses and CCDM Council love being able to access the website themselves, where previously we needed to contact a programme consultant to get the roadmaps and resources. The union delegates also find it useful.'

'Through the website, everyone gets a better understanding of the CCDM programme, its components, and how much it impacts on a whole hospital.'

Resources available on the website

Megan Buckley, Programme Consultant says 'We’ve made information sheets available on each of the components of the CCDM programme, self-directed Powerpoint presentations which give a quick 15 minute overview of each component, and roadmaps about who needs to be involved, and what they need to do.'

The website is primarily aimed at CCDM site co-ordinators and programme consultants, health unions, nurses and managers. DHB Directors of Nursing, Chief Executives and Chief Operating Officers will also find valuable information on the website.

'DHBs and unions can get the same baseline information at the same time, from the CCDM website. It’s one source of truth,' Megan says.


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