Joint Work Programme

At a National Level, our work is focussed on improving the delivery of health and disability services for older New Zealanders through a joint work programme.

Information and tools we provide include:

  • The national agreements that District Health Boards hold with providers of rest home and private hospital residential care.
  • Rules for premium room service charging, including a 10 km distance calculator.
  • A costing template for providers of home based support services.
  • A template for the Home and Community Support Sector to use to categorise complaints. Refer to Tools & Guidance for further details.
  • A Demand Planner for District Health Boards, residential care providers, and any other interested parties to use to predict future demand for Aged Residential Care services.
  • A national model to predict the need for Palliative Care. Refer to Tools & Guidance for further details.

For further information about the services we provide please contact:

Jon Shapleski
Programme Director, Health of Older People
Mobile: 027 536 9811

Susan Noseworthy
Project Manager, Health of Older People Joint Work Programme
Mobile: 027 689 9890


Based at TAS, the interRAI service is all about using a comprehensive clinical assessment tool to improve the health outcomes for older people. interRAI Better Access logo small

The term interRAI refers to both the international organisation responsible for developing comprehensive clinical assessment systems, and the suite of clinical assessment tools available.

interRAI stands for 'international Resident Assessment Instrument'.

New Zealand is the first country in the world where interRAI tools are used nationwide in the home and community setting, as well as in aged residential care.

interRAI Services is the national provider of services to support interRAI and a business group within the Central Region’s Technical Advisory Service (TAS). The team provides education and support, secretariat services to the interRAI New Zealand Governance Board, data analysis and reporting, and software services.


interRAI International has a royalty free licence with New Zealand through the Director-General of Health.

Read more about interRAI at

Latest publication:

2015/16 National interRAI Data Analysis Annual Report

interRAI Services New Zealand has published its National Data Analysis Annual Report 2015/16. The report aims to provide a high level overview of interRAI assessments in New Zealand from a national perspective and provides useful insight into the health and general wellbeing of people across care settings in our communities.

Health of Older People Network Central Region

As we age in numbers and start to reach retirement age, there will be an even greater increase in demand for health services.

In the Central region, the aim of our service is to provide oversight and governance to Health of Older People work streams that will realign services to meet the increasing incidence of inter-related health issues such as long-term conditions and ageing.

Health of Older People Network Central Region