Regional Business Systems Programme

Our current focus is to work on behalf the central Region District Health Boards to develop and support delivery of a new regional business systems programme of work.

It is a significant programme that will centralise the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of patient information across the Central Region's six District Health Boards.

The programme aims are to:

  • ensure standardisation
  • allow for common business processes
  • future proofing technology platforms
  • provide simplified service management and pathways
  • adopt new technologies.

Regional information systems and applications, combined with changes to how health services are delivered within and between District Health Boards, means that, by 2020, all residents in the central region will have equitable access to high quality, timely and sustainable health services.

The programme is a key component of the Central Region District Health Boards' Regional Service Plan 2013/2014 and plays a significant role in achieving the National Health IT Board's vision of a national, shared health information model.


The programme is now in the transition stages. The programme consists of two parts:

Phase One

The first phase is about laying the foundation to deliver shared care services in the Central Region.Five closely linked work streams are running concurrently. The new infrastructure and software is being rolled out incrementally by District Health Boards, to meet highest needs first and minimise disruption.

What is involved

Phase Two

The second phase involves extending the regional business systems and applications to primary care providers. It is intended also that patients will also be able to access their own health records. Scoping the content of this phase has yet to be approved. Future phases may include linking with other regions.​