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Workforce Information

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Workforce Assessments & Information Reports

Workforce Presentations

We are working with District Health Boards (DHBs) and stakeholders across the sector, to develop a comprehensive picture of the shape and characteristics of the DHB workforce. Effective workforce development and planning is underpinned by accurate information and a comprehensive understanding of that workforce.

We produce workforce information reports and develop workforce analysis to:

  • Support a greater understanding of current and future health workforce requirements, as well as evidence-based policy development and resource allocation
  • Strengthen information capability to better inform thinking and strategy development
  • Support evidence based planning and collaboration across the DHBs to support decision making and future workforce planning.

Workforce Assessments and Information Reports

We undertake workforce assessments and develop workforce information reports to develop a comprehensive picture of the shape and characteristics of the DHB workforce. We work with DHBs and stakeholders across the sector to develop these reports.

The Workforce Assessment Process

The workforce assessment process provides a structured, evidence based approach to assessing health workforces, whilst taking cognisance of the wider contextual factors which impact on the New Zealand health system.

It has a range of uses, including:

  • Supporting the collective DHBs' employment negotiations processes
  • Forming the baseline data gathering for operational information on specific workforces
  • Helping to identify where further investigation into particular workforce issues is required
  • Informing workforce development and planning.

The workforce assessment process uses a multistage methodology that relies on gathering a combination of quantitative and qualitative information - prior to wider sector testing. The summary advice on the current status of the workforce and recommendations from the final report, are shared with lead stakeholders for consideration and further development. 

Workforce Assessments & Information Reports

Here you will find completed Workforce Assessment and Information Reports relating to the 20 DHBs’ employed workforces.

 DHB Anaesthetic Assistant Workforce Assessment Report 2019 [2.2Mb]

March 2019

Workforce Information Report - DHB Midwives [6.3Mb]

October 2018

DHB Audiology Workforce Assessment Report 2018 [2.6Mb]

August 2018

Workforce Overview - Northern Region District Health Boards' Clerical Workforce - April 2018 [577kb]

April 2018

 Workforce Information Report – DHB Employed Service and Food Workers [1.5Mb]

December 2017

 DHB Occupational Therapy Workforce Assessment Report – July 2017 [3.9Mb]

July 2017 

DHB Dental Services Workforce Assessment Report – June 2017 [2Mb]

June 2017 

DHB Physiotherapy Workforce Assessment Report – April 2017 [2.5Mb]

April 2017

DHB Medical Laboratory Workforce Assessment Report – June 2016 & Appendix 1 – Information Report [1.1Mb]

June 2016

DHB Psychologists Workforce Assessment Report – April 2016 & Appendix 1 – Information Report [680kb]

April 2016

DHB Sonographer Workforce Assessment Report – March 2016 [900kb]

March 2016


Workforce Presentations

We facilitate national collaboration on workforce development across the 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) nationwide. We do this by engaging with a range of stakeholders within the DHBs and across the wider sector to support workforce development.

This section includes a selection of presentations from the Workforce Projects and Information Team.

Dynamic workforce data at your fingertips – helping to answer your questions [4.6Mb]

Amanda Newton, Workforce Information Project Manager

May 2018

The 20 District Health Boards’ Allied Health, Scientific & Technical Workforce  Bringing the numbers to life [2.2Mb]

Kamini Pather, Workforce Specialist

May 2018

Investing in our Health System Leadership for the Future  Leadership at All Levels [9.1Mb]

Brenda Hall, Programme Manager - Talent Management and Leadership Development

June 2018

Kiwi Health Jobs (Mahi Hauora)  Empowering sector collaboration to provide better recruitment outcomes for less [940kb]

Sam Valentine, Project Manager

May 2018

Wellbeing for Health Website: [1.7Mb]

By Rory Barton, In-house legal and Workforce Project Advisor

May 2018

Last updated: 21/9/19