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Changes to 2021 RMO rotation dates

Review of RMO Training Date Changes

In May this year, DHBs engaged  Sapere to interview external stakeholders to get their views on the implementation of the training date changes in 2020 and their suggestions for improvements for 2022. Sapere was also asked to make recommendations on any improvements.

Overall, Sapere found that stakeholders considered the changes had gone well and delivered the benefits expected. In the report they outlined a range of challenges that require focus for future years.  

Lessons learnt from DHBs in implementing the RMO training date change last year, will be incorporated into planning for this year. This will also include results of the Sapere report and feedback from DHB internal workshops. Planning is well underway for 2022 incorporating the lessons from 2020 and suggestions for improvements. 

With the completion of this review, DHBs will not be continuing the transition arrangements offered last year. The ‘new dates’ are now considered to be ‘business as usual’ and will be managed through BAU channels.

RMO Training Date Change Report  [198Kb]
July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions 

Employee-related questions regarding the transition to new RMO rotation dates in 2021. Please check back regularly for updates.

FAQ document v2 [344KB]

Decision document

The decision document summarises the submissions received in response to the proposal to change the RMO rotation dates from the beginning of the 2021 training year. The document outlines the decisions that the District Health Board Chief Executives have taken following the consultation, and the rationale for these. 

RMO rotations decision document [227KB]

Submissions on the consultation document

The full submissions received by the DHBs are available for download.  Submissions made by individuals have been anonymised. A small number of submissions have not been published, where they included identifying personal information, or they were in a survey format.

Submissions on the consultation document [4MB]


The DHBs are grateful to all the individuals and organisations who took the time to make submissions. Your feedback was extremely useful and informed the final decisions.

If you have any questions, please email or contact you local RMO Unit Manager if you are a DHB employee.

Original consultation document

2020 06 17 RMO Training year dates 2021 Consultation Document final [2.6MB]

The purpose of this consultation document was to set out the changes to the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) rotation dates that the 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) are proposing to introduce from the beginning of the 2021 training year.

The consultation document sets out the proposal, the rationale, and the issues that will need to be considered as part of any transition. 

The document was sent directly to a number of key stakeholders – the NZ Resident Doctors’ Association and Specialty Trainees of New Zealand (the RMO Unions); the Council of Medical Colleges; the Medical Council of New Zealand; the Auckland and Otago University medical schools; the NZ Medical Students’ Association; the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists (ASMS); and the Ministry of Health.

Last updated: 30/7/21