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School for Change Agents

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(Image: NHS Horizons)

Do you want to rock the boat without falling out?

TAS’ National Innovation Programme is offering NZ-based support and mentoring for the world-renowned School for Change Agents.

What is the School for Change Agents programme?

The School for Change Agents is a programme administered and facilitated by the NHS Horizons team, part of the Strategy and Innovation Directorate of NHS England.

The School for Change Agents is focused on helping passionate individuals:

  • Lead change
  • Work with hierarchies and traditional power relationships inherent to health care
  • Work with resistance, reluctance and stages of change
  • Build resilience and deal with knock backs.

The School is free to all and since its inception in 2013, thousands of clinicians, managers and others in the health and social sector have participated.

Certification as a Change Agent costs £32.

What does participation in the programme involve?

  • Five modules to complete on YouTube over five weeks
  • Weekly 45 minute zoom video conference or face-to-face meetings to discuss the content of the week's presentation, reflect on your own change leadership practice, and the opportunity to network with others from New Zealand and realise you're not alone in your change endeavours
  • Support and coaching to become a certified Change Agent.

Registrations for the May 2019 group are now closed.

Thank you for the overwhelming interest in the NZ-based support for the School for Change Agents.

Successful applicants will be contacted in the next week to nominate themselves into a session.

Anyone can participate independently in the School through the NHS. 

Visit the NHS website

Add your details below if you would like to be contacted in the future.

Last updated: 11/4/19