Publications and resources

These are reports and newsletters you can download and refer to when using this information about Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces (SSHW) and Care Capacity Demand Management (CCDM).


SSHW Committee of Inquiry [435kb]

June 2006

Care Capacity Demand Management newsletters

CCDM newsletter – December 2018 [3.2Mb]

December 2018

CCDM newsletter – July 2018 [3.7Mb]

July 2018

CCDM newsletter – April 2018 [2.5Mb]

March 2018

Newsletters for the Allied Health Advisory Group

Allied Health Advisory Group newsletter – December 2018 [319kb]

December 2018

Allied Health Advisory Group newsletter – July 2018 [423kb]

July 2018

Last updated: 14/2/19