About the Safe Staffing, Healthy Workplaces (SSHW) Unit

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The Safe Staffing, Healthy Workplaces (SSHW) Unit was formed through a collaborative agreement between the:

  • New Zealand Nurses' Organisation (NZNO)
  • DHBs of New Zealand.

The parties agreed to work together on establishing a mutually acceptable, credible alternative to the nurse:patient ratios proposed by NZNO. This agreement saw the creation of the joint national Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces Committee of Inquiry which then resulted in the SSHW Unit.

The Unit was initially funded by the Ministry of Health to recognise the Government’s commitment to advancing patient-centred improvements in service quality. The Unit is now collectively funded by all 20 DHBs. The Unit takes a whole of system approach involving a range of professional groups and the PSA.

Safe Staffing, Healthy Workplaces (SSHW) timeline [65kb]

April 2018

The SSHW Unit’s goal

Our goal is to create workplaces that:

  • assure patient safety and satisfaction
  • support staff health and well-being
  • support organisational efficiency.


The SSHW Unit has established four advisory groups (allied health, mental health, midwifery and district nursing) to develop and implement a programme of work to:

  • develop and pilot a validated patient acuity system for the selected expansion groups
  • pilot the CCDM programme in selected DHBs for the selected workforce groups
  • socialise the foundations of the CCDM programme to the selected workforce groups and supporting unions
  • endorse the CCDM programme as an approved staffing methodology.

Safe Staffing, Healthy Workplace (SSHW) workstreams [130kb]

January 2018

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