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Current Pay Equity Claims


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Current claims

Opting out of a pay equity claim

Current claims

A number of unions have raised pay equity claims with DHBs:

  • The Midwifery Employee Representation and Advocacy Service (MERAS) has raised a claim for midwifery roles.
  • The New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) has raised claims for  nursing and midwifery roles.
  • The Public Service Association (PSA) has raised claims for administration and clerical roles; allied, scientific and technical roles; and mental and public health nursing roles.
  • The Association of Professional and Executive Employees (APEX) has raised a claim for a number of allied, scientific and technical roles.

The Equal Pay Act 1972 requires separate claims for the same or similar work to be consolidated into one claim.

Administration and clerical pay equity claim

DHBs and the PSA have settled the pay equity claim covering more than 10,000 administration and clerical workers across the country’s 20 DHBs.

For more information go to the Media page.

Other claims

 An agreement in principle covering 40,000 nurses involved in the consolidated nursing pay equity claim was reached between DHBs, the PSA and the NZNO in December. Negotiations are ongoing.

DHBs have begun negotiations on a consolidated midwifery pay equity claim with MERAS and NZNO.

DHBs are currently working with PSA and APEX to assess the consolidated Allied, Scientific and Technical claim.

Opting out of a pay equity claim

If you're a DHB employee and want to opt-out of a pay equity claim, please contact your DHB payroll team for an opt-out form. You can opt-out at any time before the final voting date on the proposed pay equity claim settlement.

If you choose to opt-out of the pay equity process, you will not automatically receive the benefits of the pay equity claim settlement.

Last updated: 17/5/22