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Resident Medical Officers Bargaining Overview


Bargaining update from the DHBs' lead CE

Resources: Letters, Factsheets and OIAs

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Resident Medical Officers Bargaining


TAS concluded bargaining in August on behalf of the country's 20 DHBs with the NZ Resident Doctors Association (RDA) to renew a Multi-Employer Collective Agreement or MECA for Resident Medical Officers (RMOs).

On 16 August 2019 DHBs were provided with an implementation plan for the new NZRDA MECA ratified by members on 12 August 2019. Regional implementation roadshows took place in late August and September.

The RDA represents about 70 per cent of the country's 4000 RMOs.


Specialty Trainees of New Zealand (SToNZ) is a new RMO union. Since it was formed in mid-2018, SToNZ has successfully concluded a new MECA - its membership has grown from less than 50 when it was first initiated to almost 900 at the end of May 2019 – nearly 25 per cent of all RMOs. 


April 2019

There are also several hundred RMOs who are not members of either union and are covered by Individual Employment Agreements or IEAs.


DHBs ask ERA for facilitation to end MIT Strikes Association  [107kb] 

29 October 2019 

DHBs are asking the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) to help break the impasse in bargaining with APEX Medical Imaging Technologists (MITs) which has seen multiple strikes disrupting patient services.

Settlement agreed with NZ Resident Doctors’ Association [139kb] 

12 August 2019 

Resident Medical Officers who are members of the NZ Resident Doctors’ Association have accepted a new pay settlement agreed by their union and District Health Boards.

Facilitation best chance of settling RMO dispute [89kb]  

2 May 2019

As the five-day strike by Resident Medical Officers draws to an end, DHBs say facilitation by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) is the best chance for settling the dispute.

Strikes unnecessary now facilitation set [91kb] 

24 April 2019

DHBs are urging resident medical officers to withdraw planned strike action and let the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) do its job.

DHBs welcome ERA decision [80kb]

15 April 2019

DHBs welcome the Employment Relations Authority's decision to grant facilitation and are available to meet as soon as possible. 

For previous media releases about negotiations with Resident Medical Officers, go to our media page.


Bargaining update from the DHBs' lead CE

CE Lead's update-RDA Bargaining [137kb]

17 May 2019 

CE Lead's update- RDA Bargaining [179kb]

2 May 2019 

CE Lead's update- RDA Bargaining [115kb] 

5 April 2019 

CE lead's update- RDA Bargaining [116kb]

25 March 2019

CE lead's update- RDA Bargaining [100kb] 

8 March 2019 

CE lead's update-RDA Bargaining [102kb]

27 February 2019 

CE lead's update - RDA Bargaining [186kb]

7 February 2019


Resources: Letters, Factsheets and OIAs


RDA Bargaining Questions and Answers [150kb]

16 April 2019


The RMOs' terms and conditions of employment, and the latest workforce data.

2018 RMO fact sheet one – Workforce [150kb]

November 2018

Limits on working hours under each agreement, and how countries approach limits on hours of work differently.

2018 RMO fact sheet two – hours of work [191kb]

November 2018

Additional information

A comparison of the SToNZ and NZRDA MECAs

Comparison of SToNZ and NZRDA MECAs [176kb]

September 2019


Research into appropriate working hours, by the Royal New Zealand College of Surgeons.

Appropriate Working Hours for Surgical Training [125kb]

November 2017

Research into standards for safe working hours, by the Royal New Zealand College of Surgeons

Standards for Safe Working Hours [490kb]

May 2009

Research into the emerging impacts of past MECAs, by the Sapere Research Group

Emerging Impacts of the 2017 Resident Doctors' Multi-Employer Collective Agreement [490kb]

April 2018

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