Current negotiations

Resident Medical Officers Bargaining


TAS is currently in bargaining on behalf of the country's 20 DHBs with Resident Medical Officers (RMOs). These negotiations involve two unions: the Resident Doctors Association (RDA) and SToNZ (Specialty Trainees of New Zealand). This page provides updates.


For media releases about these negotiations with Resident Medical Officers, go to our media page.


Negotiations with the Resident Doctors Association (RDA)

Bargaining is continuing with the RDA. We will update this section when an offer has been made.

Current RDA MECA (13 February 2017-28 February 2018) [6.5Mb]

April 2017

Negotiations with Specialty Trainees of New Zealand (SToNZ)

An offer has been agreed with SToNZ.

SToNZ Multi-Employer Collective Agreement (MECA) [1.5Mb]

January 2019

Resources: Letters, Factsheets and OIAs

RDA Bargaining Questions and Answers [54kb]

30 January 2019

CE Peter Bramley's update - how we got here and where we're heading.

CE lead's update - RDA Bargaining [186kb]

7 February 2019

The RMOs' terms and conditions of employment, and the latest workforce data.

2018 RMO fact sheet one – Workforce [150kb]

November 2018

Limits on working hours under each agreement, and how countries approach limits on hours of work differently.

2018 RMO fact sheet two – hours of work [191kb]

November 2018

Additional information

Research into appropriate working hours, by the Royal New Zealand College of Surgeons.

Appropriate Working Hours for Surgical Training [125kb]

November 2017


Research into standards for safe working hours, by the Royal New Zealand College of Surgeons

Standards for Safe Working Hours [490kb]

May 2009


Research into the emerging impacts of past MECAs, by the Sapere Research Group

Emerging Impacts of the 2017 Resident Doctors' Multi-Employer Collective Agreement [490kb]

April 2018

Last updated: 14/2/19