About the Employment Relations Programme

A woman at reception discussing Employment Relations with a client.

TAS provides strategic employment relations support to DHBs, on industrial relations matters. Our services cover the full life-cycle from the data analysis and bargaining strategy, through to negotiation and bargaining of employment agreements and implementing them. We are governed by the Employment Relations Strategy Group.

We also deliver the following services:

  • providing advocacy in national and regional Multi-Employer Collective Agreement (MECA) negotiations.
  • providing Single Employer Collective Agreement bargaining and capability building within DHBs.
  • supporting advocates in local collective agreement negotiations
  • providing expert advice to ensure consistency with applications of the MECAs.

TAS provides the link between DHBs and the Ministry of Health, Government officials and Union representatives. We represent the DHBs on Holidays Act compliance and Employment Relations legislation changes. 

Employment Relations conference 2019

From 4-5 April, TAS on behalf of the 20 DHBs, we will hold our second Health Sector Employment Relations Conference.

The conference is an opportunity for DHB professionals, including General Managers of Human Resources, Employment Relations Managers, and Ministry of Health representatives, to discuss the most pressing challenges in Employment Relations.

Find out more on the Employment Relations conference website

Last updated: 8/3/19