About the Regional Services Plan

Three people in a meeting, discussing the Regional Services Plan.

The Regional Services Plan outlines how the six Central Region DHBs will work together to find better ways of organising, funding, delivering and continuously improving health services.

It provides a regional perspective to planning and service delivery and has been developed collaboratively by the Central Regional DHBs.  

The aim of the Plan is to build a whole of system approach to improve quality, safety and experiences of care across the region.

In 2019-2020, the region is taking a focused approach on improving the health of our population by prioritising our Cancer, Cardiac, Equity, Radiology, and Regional Care Arrangements work programmes.

TAS' role is to:

  • provide programme management, planning advice and support to help the Central Region DHBs plan for the future.

This ensures they are better equipped to meet the changing and diverse needs of the Central Region’s population and health sector workforce.

Current Regional Plan

Regional Services Plan 2018/19 Part 1 [1.23Mb]

May 2019

Regional Services Plan 2018/19 Part 2 [827Kb]

May 2019

Regional Services Plan 2018/19 Part 3 [1.02Mb]

May 2019 

Previous Regional Plans 

Regional Services Plan 2017/18 [1.5Mb]

October 2018 

Regional Services Plan 2016/17 [2.2Mb]

October 2018

Last updated: 14/8/19