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Primary Health Organisation Service Agreement Amendment Protocol (PSAAP)

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Referenced Documents

Fees review documentation

Supporting documents

Other supporting documents

Historical Agreements

PSAAP is a forum that has the mandate to agree changes to the Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Services Agreement.

It includes representatives from all DHBs, PHOs, General Practices and the Ministry of Health, and we:

  • support the DHBs’ negotiations with advice and insights from across the health sector
  • provide secretariat support.

The PSAAP protocol provides a framework for these organisations to work collaboratively. The protocol:

  • sets out accountability, consistent approaches and roles and responsibilities
  • provides the forum to implement the Government’s primary care priorities
  • enables services to be provided on a ‘best for patient and best for system’ basis. 


Below are the current documents regarding the current PHO Services Agreement. 

COVID -19 Vaccine Letter November 2021 [195kb]

30 November 2021    

Third Dose COVID -19 Vaccine Pricing Framework November 2021 [194kb]

3 November 2021     

Letter to PHOs Updated Assessment Framework October 2021 [333kb]

20 October 2021     

COVID-19 Vaccine Standards Letter [1.16MB] 

13 August 2021                                                                               

PHO Services Agreement Voluntary Variation 6.3 [203kb]

1 July 2021 

Supporting memo outlining changes from Version 6.2 [209kb] 

1 July 2021 

PHO Services Agreement Version 6.3 (1 July 2021) [915kb]

1 July 2021

COVID-19 Letter Vaccine April 2021

20 April 2021

Funding package to support Telehealth services [203kb]

17 September 2020

COVID-19 assessments in General Practice: updated framework [169kb]

1 July 2020

Updated service expectations for the three-tier assessment process

System Level Measure payments: quarter four performance payment [150kb]

The final quarter four performance payment has been brought forward to 15 June 2020

25 May 2020

Virtual COVID-19 assessments: fee amendment [129kb]

Sets out the amended fee for virtual COVID-19 assessments at GPs. Includes service expectations for the three-tier assessment process.

23 April 2020

Systems Level Measure payments [92kb] 

Information on annual payments from DHBs to PHOs

20 April 2020

Virtual COVID-19 assessments [178kb]

Three-tier framework for general practice COVID-19 assessments, including virtual assessments

17 April 2020

Primary care enrolment requirements during COVID-19 Alert Level 4 [153kb]

PSAAP's provisions for enrolment at Alert Level 4, including casual users

9 April 2020

Funding package to support primary care response to COVID-19 [154kb]

Letter detailing financial support available for general practice, including a COVID-19 assessment framework

29 March 2020


2020 Influenza Immunisation Campaign Letter [80.8kb]

16 March 2020

Supporting memo outlining changes from Version 5.1-Version 6.0 [149kb]

October 2018

PSAAP Negotiators’ Letter of Intent [865kb]

October 2018

Alliance Agreement (standard) 28 May 2013 [493kb]

May 2013

Alliance Leadership Team charter final [64kb]

May 2013 

PHO Back to Back Agreement (2020) [64kb]

December 2020

Buddle Findlay guidance about the Back to Back template [171kb]

December 2020

PSAAP Protocol V4.2.16 12 May [361kb]

June 2016

Referenced documents

Referenced Documents support PHO and General Practice operations, and are part of the PHO Services Agreement. 

These documents are identified in Schedule B3 of the PHO Services Agreement.

Technical specifications
Below are the technical specifications that are Referenced Documents.

HL7 Messages Standard Definition – Capitation-Based Funding Electronic Registers [1.1Mb]

October 2016

General Medical Services & Immunisation Providers Electronic Claiming Specification [1.3Mb]

October 2016

Business rules

Business Requirements – National Enrolment Service and Capitation-Based Funding Version 1.2 [493kb]

June 2021

Enrolment Requirements for Contracted Providers and Primary Health Organisations Version 4.1 [777kb]

November 2018

Certification of PHO Enrolment register form [99kb]

September 2009

First Level Services Claims and Payments [127kb]

September 2015

Primary Health Care Purchase Codes [53kb]

November 2002


PHO Service and Quality Audit Protocol V1.0 [125kb]

January 2010

Primary Health Organisation Audit Protocol – Financial, Claiming & Referred Service V3.1 [125kb]

January 2019

Other Referenced Documents

PHO Services Agreement Amendment Protocol [243kb]

March 2019

Reporting Requirements [119kb]

June 2014

Daily Record Laboratory Imaging and Pharmaceutical Requirements [119kb]

September 2015

National Immunisation Register (NIR) requirements V1.0 [159kb]

March 2004

Fees Review Process [174kb]

June 2006

Indicator definitions v7.0 (July 2015) Final [1.2Mb]

August 2015

Fees review documentation

The DHBs and PHOs in each region have established a Fee Review Committee. The Committee's role is to make recommendations about whether increases to standard General Practitioner consultation fees (that are formally referred to it under the PHO Services Agreement) are fair and reasonable to patients and providers. 

Fees templates that apply from 1 July 2021

Co-payment adjustment template - OPTION A - Intro- CSC Capitation Version [157kb]

1 July 2021

Co-payment adjustment template - OPTION A - CSC Capitation Version [143kb]

1 July 2021

Co-payment adjustment template - OPTION B - Intro- CSC Capitation Version [141kb]

1 July 2021

Co-payment adjustment template - OPTION B - CSC Capitation Version [136kb]

1 July 2021

Fees Template Instructions 2021-2022 [231kb]

1 July 2021

Annual Statement of Reasonable GP Fee Increases 2021-2022 [226kb]

1 July 2021


Supporting documents

The referenced document Enrolment Requirements for Providers and Primary Health Organisations, which is also below, outlines the enrolment procedures and requirements.


Certification of PHO Enrolment Register Form V1.1 [97kb]

September 2009

Certification of PHO Enrolment Register Form – Contracted Providers June 2008 [100kb]

September 2009

Enrolment Toolkit For PHOs – May 2011 [761kb]

April 2011

Enrolment Q&A [470kb]

August 2013

Summary Enrolment Information for Practice Staff May 2011 [541kb]

May 2011


Enrolment Form [40kb]

November 2018

PHO Enrolment Appeal Form [51kb]

September 2013

Use & Confidentiality Of Your Health Information (fact sheet) - Appendix 5 [92kb]

May 2018

The Eligibility Direction from the Ministry of Health came into effect in April 2011 and sets out the eligibility criteria for publicly-funded health and disability services in New Zealand: 

Eligibility Direction

April 2011

Other supporting documents 

Capitation-based Funding User Manual V1.0 [471kb]

April 2004

Capitation-based Funding Stabilisation Information Pack [303kb]

September 2009

Code Mappings for Data Transfer Specification and Clinical Performance Indicator Data Format Standard V0.8  [77kb]

March 2019

Capitation-based Funding External Error Messages [402kb]

February 2007

Clinical Performance Indicators Data Transfer Specification V5.6 [697kb]

March 2019 

Data Format Standard: Clinical Performance Indicators V2.3 [346kb]

March 2019

Data Format Standard Service Utilisation Reports V1.7 [319kb] 

March 2019

Primary Care ethnicity data audit toolkit

June 2013

Template for PSAAP Papers [56kb]

September 2021

VLCA Case Studies PSAAP report [482kb]

August 2013

Improving Māori Health – a Guide for PHOs (June 2004) [419kb]

September 2016

Historical agreements

Below are historic PSAAP Agreements and documentation relating to the PSAAP Agreement:

Supporting memo outlining changes from Version 6.1 [278kb] 

1 July 2020 

PHO Services Agreement Version 6.2 (1 July 2020) [958kb]

1 July 2020

The PHO Services Agreement Compulsory Variation 6.1 [194kb]

1 July 2019

Supporting memo outlining changes from Version 6.0 [278kb] 

1 July 2019

PHO Services Agreement Version 6.1 (1 July 2019) [919kb]

1 July 2019


PHO Services Agreement Version 6.0 (1 December 2018) [918kb]

October 2018 

PHO Services Agreement Version 5.1 [1.2Mb]

July 2018

Supporting Memo Outlining Changes From Version 5.0 [98kb]

June 2018

Variation 5.1: Changes to the PHO Services Agreement for 1 July 2018 [198kb]

July 2018

Back To Back Agreement Schedule 1 (Variation 1) [63kb]

December 2014

Back To Back template final Version 1 [546kb]

September 2016

PHO Services Agreement Version 5 [1.5Mb]

July 2017

PHO Services Agreement Version 4 (1 July 2016) [1.2Mb]

September 2016

PHO Services Agreement Version 3 (1 July 2015) [1.7Mb]

September 2016

PHO Services Agreement Version 2 (1 July 2014) [1.3Mb]

September 2016

PHO Services Agreement Version 1 (1 July 2013) [1.25Mb]

June 2017

PHO PSAAP – Capitation-based Funding User Information Guide V3.8 [861kb]

September 2016

PPP Referenced Documents – Version 1 (28 April 2014) [339kb]

September 2016



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