About the Primary Care Integration Programme

Primary care worker talking to a client.

Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) and General Practice maintain, restore, improve, and coordinate health care for people in New Zealand.

TAS supports the 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) to deliver the Primary Care Integration Programme nationwide. The DHB National Executive established the programme to help DHBs engage with the primary care sector on emerging primary care strategic issues. An important part of this is promoting the relationships and information sharing between DHBs and the primary care sector.

We provide advice and analysis to inform and support DHB decision-making the PSAAP and DHB executive forums.

The programme makes use of the linkages between the community pharmacy and aged residential care (ARC) programmes, to support integrated care in the community.

Primary Health Organisation Services Agreement

Each year, a document called the ‘Primary Health Organisation (PHO) Services Agreement’ is agreed by DHBs, PHOs, the Ministry of Health and General Practice.

Approximately $1 billion of Government funding is provided through the Services Agreement. 

We have two roles in this process, to:

  • support the DHBs in their negotiations, by gathering the relevant information from our colleagues and partners in the health sector then collating it
  • provide the secretariat services that support the negotiation process.

Primary Care and Public Health Steering Group

The Primary Care and Public Health Steering Group provides strategic direction and guidance.

The Steering Group is chaired by Dr. Nick Chamberlain, Chief Executive Officer at Northland DHB, and includes:

  • Keriana Brooking (Chief Executive Officer at Hawkes Bay DHB)
  • Becky Jenkins (General Manager, Planning, Funding and Population Health at Taranaki DHB)
  • Cathy O’Malley (General Manager Strategy, Primary and Community at Nelson-Marlborough DHB)
  • Karen Evison (Director Strategy, Planning and Funding at Lakes DHB)
  • Matt Hannant (General Manager, Funding and Service Development at Counties Manukau DHB)

 The Steering Group is supported by our Programme team.

Last updated: 22/8/20