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Home and Community support services

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Home-based support costing template

Home and Community Support Sector Complaints categorisation

DHBs will fund some home care services, if an older person is assessed as requiring support at home. An authorised Needs Assessor will work with the older person to determine what kind of help is needed. Home care may be short-term, following hospital discharge, or longer-term if ongoing care is required to help a person stay in their own home.

To make sure services are similar across the country, there are national standards for home care services. 

Home-based support costing template

DHBs, through the Health of Older People steering group, worked with the Home and Community Health Association to develop a costing model.

A costing model helps DHBs and providers of home-based support services determine the cost of home care services around New Zealand. The costing template:

  • details the cost and service inputs that comprise the service
  • is also applicable to all funding models in older persons services, including fee for service, restorative and case-mix models.

The model has been reviewed by DHBs, and others in the health sector through general managers of planning and funding and Health of Older People portfolio managers.

Home-based support costing principles [107kb]

September 2015

Home and Community Support Sector complaints categorisation

Representatives from DHBs, the Ministry of Health and the Home and Community Support Sector (HCSS) have developed resources for consumers and providers, that allow concerns and complaints to be recorded and tracked.

Key benefits that come from complaints categorisation are that it:

  • helps providers record complaints in a standardised manner, and helps DHBs develop a collective view of complaints in the sector
  • provides a valuable opportunity for DHBs and sector providers to review, discuss and share the results on a regular basis, and discuss quality systems
  • supports a focus on quality and may support service model changes in the future.

Guidance for DHB contracting 2015-2016 – Home and Community Support Sector Complaints Categorisation [374kb]

December 2014

Home and Community Support Sector Complaints Categorisation Guidance [321kb]

September 2015

Home and Community Support Sector Complaints Reporting Template [23kb]

December 2014

Last updated: 14/2/19