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Expert Advisory Group

Innovative Services

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari, he toa takitini.

Success is not the work of one, but the work of many. 

Expert Advisory Group

The DHBs have established a national Expert Advisory Group (EAG) to advise on pharmacy and pharmacist services generally.

Members include representatives of DHBs, consumers, pharmacists, provider representatives, and the Ministry of Health. 

 Under ICPSA, its functions include providing advice on:

  • on pharmacy and pharmacist services, including on progressing the four focus areas in the Pharmacy Action Plan 2016-2020, and related areas of priority for government
  • on community pharmacy services, including advice on service design and service models; and changes that could be made to the ICPSA for consideration during the ICPSA National Annual Agreement Review
  • on matters referred to it as part of the ICPSA National Annual Agreement Review

Terms of Reference 

EAG Terms of Reference [178kb]

April 2019


EAG meeting 23 April 2020

Minutes of EAG meeting, 23 April 2019 [137kb]

June  2020

EAG meeting 20 February 2020

Minutes of EAG meeting, 20 February [209kb]

April 2020

EAG meeting 15 October 2019 

Minutes of EAG meeting, 15 October 2019 [209kb]

February 2020

 EAG meeting 13 August 2019 

Minutes of EAG meeting, 13 August 2019 [234kb]

October 2019

EAG meeting 16 April 2019

Statement following EAG meeting – 16 April 2019 (111kb)

May 2019

Minutes of EAG meeting, 16 April 2019 (205kb)

August 2019

EAG meeting 12 February 2019

Statement following EAG meeting - 12 February 2019 (129kb)

February 2019

Minutes of EAG meeting, 12 February 2019 (214kb)

April 2019


EAG Co-design workshop October 2017

In October 2017, EAG supported a co-design workshop.

Among the key themes identified at the workshop were that people wanted to have a trusting relationship with their pharmacist, and services should be provided in a person-centric and culturally appropriate way. 

Summary of DHB's EAG Pharmacist Services CO-Design Workshop 2017 [395kb] August 2018
Feedback from DHB's EAG Pharmacist Services Co-Design Workshop 2017 [996kb] August 2018



Innovative Services

District Health Boards are strongly committed to the development of innovative pharmacist services to ensure the best health outcomes for all New Zealanders. Pharmacists are involved in many exciting new services around the country, and District Health Boards are keen to support more of these.  Here are a few examples:

Case Study One: Midland Community Pharmacy Group Gout Management Service

Lakes and Waikato District Health Boards are supporting Midland Community Pharmacy Group to help local people suffering from gout to manage and treat their condition.

Barrier to understanding Gout
A major barrier for people with Gout is poor understanding of their condition. Simply, taking the right medications and the right dose can change their lives. The Midland Community Pharmacy Group (MidCPG) is tackling this issue at the source, by encouraging community pharmacies to provide a standardised Gout Management Service to patients in the region.

The MidCPG Gout Management Service benefits patients by training community pharmacists to teach people with Gout to self-manage and optimally treat their Gout. As community pharmacists are the health provider many consumers see most often, it makes sense for people with Gout to seek expert medicines management advice to manage their condition.

Pharmacists' accreditation
To be accredited to provide the Service, pharmacists must complete a tailored online gout training programme. This provides them with the tools to both deliver the Service and inform people about the disease. Training makes sure that messaging about the disease is consistent. Feedback on the Service reflects that when pharmacists recognise the significance of condition for their local population and engage in its delivery then the patient benefits of the Service really become tangible.

Lakes and Waikato District Health Boards are supporting Midland Community Pharmacy Group with funding for this Service.

Lakes District Health Board

October 2018

Waikato District Health Board

October 2018


Case Study Two: Canterbury - Medication Therapy Assessment

The Canterbury District Health Board funds a free medication therapy assessment in Canterbury. Pharmacists, as part of the community healthcare team, work with people so they take the right medicines at the right time which supports better health outcomes.

Medication therapy assessment – a change for the better [568kb]

December 2017

Last updated: 30/9/21