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District Health Boards are commissioning three reviews from August 2020.

Wage cost pressures review

DHBs are commissioning an independent review to better understand wage cost pressures in the community pharmacy sector.

The Review will take place in 2020, and will look at any wage variability that exist across the workforce, and what comparisons to other workforces can be made.

 A wide range of organisations and individuals will have the opportunity to provide input into the Review - including provider representatives, pharmacy owners, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy organisations, primary care providers, DHBs, the Ministry of Health, and others in the health sector who may have insights.

Findings will be presented to participants in the National Annual Agreement Review of the 20 DHBs’ community pharmacy services contract (Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement), who will discuss the findings and make recommendations to DHB Chief Executives about next steps.

Terms of Reference: Wage Cost Pressures Review [196kb] 

August 2020

Services and funding model reviews

DHBs are commissioning a review of the community pharmacy services and funding model to inform decisions about future requirements for community pharmacy services.

DHBs wish to understand how requirements for community pharmacy access and services are evolving and how the needs of New Zealanders can best be met in the future.  They want to create a framework for services and funding that will support effective delivery of people-centred community pharmacy services that better address inequity - fairly and sustainably.

The Review will take part in three stages. These are:

  • Stage One: Independent review of current community pharmacy services 
  • Stage Two: Service Redesign 
  • Stage Three: Funding and Pricing Model Review 

The Stage Two Service Redesign will be informed by the outcomes of the  Stage One independent services review, will seek input from consumers and involve the DHB Pharmacy Services Expert Advisory Group. 

The Funding and Pricing Model Review will then identify optimal funding mechanisms to support the goal of equitable, sustainable person-centred services.

Throughout the Review process, there will be interaction and consultation with the pharmacy sector – including contract-holder representatives; regulatory, government and professional bodies; primary care providers and other health stakeholders, consumers, policy and funding agencies, and medicines and IT suppliers.

National Annual Agreement Review participants will be actively engaged in all three stages of the Review.

DHBs and providers will consider the outcomes of the three stages of the Service and Funding Model Review, and work together to develop proposals for the redesign of integrated community pharmacy services.

Terms of Reference: Community Pharmacy Services and Funding Model Review [180kb] 

August 2020

Last updated: 11/3/21