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ICPSA Monitoring Report

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Data Visualisation Report 

20 DHBs' ICPSA Locally Commissioned Services Expenditure 1 Oct 2018- 31 March 2019 

Deloitte Review – CPSA Local Services 2017-18


Data Visualisation Report 

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Updated monthly, this interactive report provides a quick overview of how key pharmacy activities and expenditure are tracking under the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement.

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1 OCTOBER 2018 - 31 MARCH 2019

District Health Boards are committed to providing local community pharmacy services tailored to the needs of their local communities.

The six-monthly DHB local commissioning report shows the breadth of local community pharmacy services contracted by DHBs through the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement for the period from 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2019.  

In total, DHBs spent $90 million during this period on a wide range of services for their local communities. The report  includes DHB expenditure for the period on their share of an amount of $4.1 million allocated nationally for local commissioning for the 2018-19 year.  DHBs can choose how they spend their share of that funding, which will be provided each year. 

The report shows that collectively DHBs are spending well in excess of  $4.1 million on locally commissioned services.

20 DHBs' ICPSA Locally Commissioned Services Expenditure Report 1 Oct 2018 - 31 Mar 2019 [271kb] 

October 2019


Deloitte Review – CPSA Local Services 2017-18

Deloitte CPSA Local Services Review 2017-18

February 2020


District Health Boards (DHBs) welcome the findings of a Deloitte Review into spending of $4.1 million made available for local community pharmacy services in 2017/18 under the previous Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (CPSA).

The Review found that DHBs adopted various approaches to distribute funding, and highlighted complexities in the funding, delivery and data-recording of ad-hoc services. Approaches varied in how funding was calculated and made available for a targeted service.

DHBs had set aside funding of $2.4 million to allow for an additional 9520 Long Term Conditions (LTC) registrations targeting mental health. By the end of the review period, the registration target was achieved, however a slower than expected rate of uptake of the service meant the full funding amount available was not spent within the Review timeframe.

Since the Review period, DHBs working with the pharmacy sector have put in place a range of measures to strengthen community pharmacy.  Many of these improvements have come through implementation of the new Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (ICPSA) in 2018 - such as new advisory processes through the National Annual Agreement Review process, strengthening the role of the Expert Advisory Group as a forum for shared learnings, and working with provider representatives on simplification of the payment system.

The Review’s recommendations for system and process improvement will be supported through training and guidance for local service commissioning agreed to with the new ICPSA.  Many DHBs have also been working with local community pharmacies to develop new local service strategies to enhance the role of pharmacists and improve the provision of care.

DHBs are fully committed to providing local community pharmacy services tailored to the needs of their local populations. In total, DHBs spent $90 million on all locally commissioned community pharmacy services for the six months from 1 October 2018 - 31 March 2019.


Last updated: 10/6/21