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Data Visualisation Report 

20 DHBs' ICPSA Locally Commissioned Services Expenditure 1 Oct 2018- 31 March 2019 


Data Visualisation Report 

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Updated monthly, this interactive report provides a quick overview of how key pharmacy activities and expenditure are tracking under the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement.

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1 OCTOBER 2018 - 31 MARCH 2019

District Health Boards are committed to providing local community pharmacy services tailored to the needs of their local communities.

The six-monthly DHB local commissioning report shows the breadth of local community pharmacy services contracted by DHBs through the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement for the period from 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2019.  

In total, DHBs spent $90 million during this period on a wide range of services for their local communities. The report  includes DHB expenditure for the period on their share of an amount of $4.1 million allocated nationally for local commissioning for the 2018-19 year.  DHBs can choose how they spend their share of that funding, which will be provided each year. 

The report shows that collectively DHBs are spending well in excess of  $4.1 million on locally commissioned services.

20 DHBs' ICPSA Locally Commissioned Services Expenditure Report 1 Oct 2018 - 31 Mar 2019 [271kb] 

October 2019

Last updated: 21/10/19