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About Community Pharmacy Programme

The Community Pharmacy Programme works on behalf of the 20 DHBs to:

  • manage and monitor the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (the services contract between each DHB and all community pharmacies in their area)
  • support DHBs to co-design new pharmacist services with consumers and other key stakeholders
  • deliver the vision of the New Zealand Health Strategy and Pharmacy Action Plan, in collaboration with other key stakeholders.

Immediate priorities for the programme include:

  • the National Annual Agreement Review 2019-20 of the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement. 
  • strengthening the DHBs' Pharmacy Expert Advisory Group.
  • supporting DHBs to develop new local services to address inequities and meet the specific needs of local communities.  

Pharmacy Action Plan 2016-2020
The Ministry of Health’s five-year Action Plan for pharmacist services. It puts people at the centre of services, and envisions a future where pharmacists, as skilled medicine advisors, work more closely with other health professionals to address inequities and maximise health outcomes for everyone.

Pharmacy Action Plan 2016-2020

June 2016


New Zealand Health Strategy 2016-2026
The New Zealand Health Strategy sets the direction of health services to improve the health of people and communities.

NZ Health Strategy 2016

April 2016

Last updated: 1/10/19