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This page lists the latest Community Pharmacy Services resources and publications. If you can't find what you are looking for contact the CPS Programme.

Pharmacy Procedures Manual

Pharmacy Procedures Manual Version 7.2

Addendum to the Pharmacy Procedures Manual Version 7.2
Addendum to the Pharmacy Procedures Manual Version 7.1

Pharmacy Transfers Guide

Community Pharmacy Services Agreement Documentation

CPSA Contract Extension Variation
CPSA Stage 4 Formal Notice
CPSA Stage 3 Variation for pharmacies undertaking CPAMS
CPSA Stage 3 - Formal Notice of Amendments to CPSA 
CPSA Stage 2 Variation - 13 March 2013
Generic version of the CPSA 2012
Formal notice A3J3 Variation

Helpful CPSA material

Summary of Changes CPSA 2012- July 2012
Quick Guide to the CPSA Stage 2 Variation
CPSA Stage 4 Consultation Summary of Feedback
Quick Guide to the Contract Extension Variation (with appendices)
Summary of feedback on the CPSA Extension 
CPSA Extension Fee Structure

Community Pharmacy Services

Long Term Conditions Service

LTC Service Protocol
Guide to the Long Term Conditions Service
Quick version of the Guide to the LTC Service
Eligibility and Assessment Tool
Mental Health Criteria
Patient Registration Form
Patient Leaflet
Medicines Reconciliation Factsheet
Medicines Synchronisation Factsheet
Transferring Registrations Factsheet
How to write notes using the SOAP format
SOAP Note Examples
LTC Service Nurse Educators Resource - Do your patients need help managing their medicines?

Community Pharmacy Anti-Coagulation Management Service (CPAMS)

CPAMS Standard Operating Procedure
Service Specifications for CPAMS
CPSA 2012 - Variation for pharmacies undertaking CPAM
CPAMS registration consent form
CPAMS Invoicing and Reporting Information
Sample invoice for use by CPAMS providers
Standing Orders for CPAMS
Pre-requisites for providing the CPAM Service
CPAMS Case Studies
Advice on INR test options for patients away from home

Community Residential Care (CRC)

CRC Operational Guidelines
CRC Facilities List
CRC Fact Sheet

Co-Dispensed Opioid Services (CDOS)

CDOS Operational Guidelines

Pharmaceutical Margins 

RFI Section 26/29 Medicines
Sapere 'Think Piece'
Discussion Document
Discussion Document - Summary of Feedback
Deloitte Environmental Scan
Pharmaceutical Margins in CPSA Extension feedback
Update for Contract Holders & Guiding Principles for DHBs

Pharmaceutical Margins and Section s26/29 subsidised unregistered medicines consultation

Formal notice of variation
Offer letter
Voluntary Variation to the CPSA
Online Calculator
Worked examples
Summary report of consultation feedback from Consultation
Consultation Document

Information for Prescribers

CPAMS Provider List
For hospital pharmacists
Dispensing rules for prescribers
CPS - Prescriber Fact Sheet
Methadone - Communication for prescriber
NZMA and Pharmaceutical Society 20/20 Vision 

Payment reviews

Deloitte Review - Community Pharmacy Payments 2016/17 

Deloitte Review - Community Pharmacy Payments 2015/16 

Deloitte Review - Community Pharmacy Payments 2014/15

Pharmacy Expert Advisory Group

Summary of DHBs’ EAG Pharmacist Services Co-Design Workshop 2017

Feedback from DHBs’ EAG Pharmacist Services Co-Design Workshop 2017