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Ongoing conversation

Recording and image library

Background and intent of the forums

Different perspectives to be considered

Ongoing conversation

In February 20 local forum roadshows were hosted by DHBs throughout the country. Each forum has had representation from pharmacy, primary care, community organisations and consumers.

A summary of what we have heard at the National Stakeholder Forum in November 2015 and at the local forums provides more information. 

Recordings and image library

You can view a selection of videos from the forums by clicking on the links below.  These will provide you with a snap shot of some of the different points of view shared.

Please note - the visual and sound quality isn't the best. Make sure that you turn up your volume. Additional recordings will be added over the coming week.


Auckland DHB - Chief Executive- Ailsa Claire - 11 February

 "How do we pass information across the system? " (1.05 min)

 "We've got to do something differently" (1.52 min)

Bay of Plenty DHB - 15 February

Chief Executive - Helen Mason - 15 February 2016 (6.58 min)

Consumer - Angela Scott - 15 February 2016 (2 min)

Consumer Bronwen Fox - Whakatane meeting - 16 February 2016 (3 min)

Nelson Marlborough DHB- 10 February

DHB General Manager Planning & Funding - Andrew Lesperance 

Hawkes Bay DHB - 2 Febraury

Consumer - Graeme Norton 

Virginia presenting cropped

General Manager Planning & Funding Virginia Brind at Tairawhiti DHB Forum

Tairawhiti DHB Image 3

Image from Tairawhiti DHB Forum - 4 February

Southern image edited

A snapshot from one of the Southern DHB forums 10-11 February.

 Whanganui DHB image

Whanganui DHB Forum - 2 February 2016.



Background and intent of the fora 

The regional forums aim to engage with a broad range of stakeholders, about the future landscape of pharmacist services in the community. Each forum follows the format of the national stakeholder forum that was held in Wellington on 27th November 2015.

The forums will allow discussion on ways the primary care and community services can work better to make the most of pharmacist services in the broader primary care environment.

This is an exciting time as each region has the opportunity to feed into the national process, with local engagement and initiatives that will help shape the future of pharmacist services in the community. 

With an aging population, there will continue to be ongoing pressures and challenges in delivering health services to New Zealanders whilst making the best value of limited funding.

Pharmacist services in the community have a key role to play in delivering healthcare services to the population, and the wider sector needs to work together to do this as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

As the journey continues the focus must continue to have the consumer at the heart of everything we do and with community pharmacy more widely integrated into broader primary care. 

Pharmacist services need to be aligned to support delivery of care across primary care and, where appropriate, to deliver on key Government strategies, such as the NZ Health Strategy, Implementing Medicines NZ, and the Pharmacy Action Plan.

View the Regional Forums Schedule including DHB contact information.

Different perspectives to be considered 

The following are recorded clips from the presenters who spoke at the National Forum in November.

A consumer perspective

John Hannifin - Chair of the MidCentral Consumer Panel

A pharmacist perspective 

Tom Ward - Pharmacy Owner Dannevirke 

A General Practitioner perspective

Dr Buzz Burrell - GP in Blenheim