November 2015

November Forum

On Friday 27 November 2015, DHBs held a national stakeholder forum at the Intercontinental Hotel in Wellington.  The overarching aim was to start the conversation with consumers and a broad cross-section of people with specific interest in integrating pharmacists’ services in the community and what that will look like in 5-10 years time.  

Attendees included consumers, primary health care providers with links to pharmacy, DHBs, Ministry of Health and other government agencies such as ACC and Ministry of Social Development. Pharmacy was well represented with pharmacists, pharmacy owners, sector representatives, hospital, academia, society and the council in attendance.   

For more information view the Special CPS Implementation Update No. 73 - 4 December 2015

Visual Image of the Forum

 Visual diagram final version for website

Image courtesy of Mike O'Brian November 2015- 

Mark O’Brien a graphic artist captured the essence of the day and key themes for people who attended to keep and refer to on the journey we have ahead.
In the middle is Professor Ian Town who facilitated the day. 

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Key note speakers

  • Director General of Health - Chai Chuah 
  • John Hannifin, Chair of the Mid Central Consumer Panel
  • Tom Ward - Community Pharmacist

Forum presentations

The Consumer Perspective - John Hannifin,  Chair of the MidCentral Consumer Panel
Maori Health - Roy Hoerara
Pharmaceutical Society of NZ

Ministry of Health - Cathy O'Malley