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Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community Governance

A critical part of the new direction is to have a governance structure that will support and enhance the new direction. There are two key groups within the governance structure:

  1. The Expert Advisory Group
  2. The Contract Group

The Expert Advisory Group

The Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community Expert Advisory Group has been established to oversee the development of the community pharmacy contracts and support alignment with the 2-5 year vision for Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community.

The Expert Advisory Group will:

  • Provide advice and recommendations to the District Health Boards General Managers Planning & Funding (or equivalent) on the development of the community pharmacy contracts for Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community. Advice and recommendations must support:
    • aligning the next community pharmacy contracts with the strategic direction set out in the NZ Health Strategy and the Pharmacy Action Plan (and other relevant government directives). It is important to ensure that the contracts deliver for those identified targeted populations and service model.
    • development of community pharmacy contracts for implementation.
  • Act in an advisory capacity for Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community (and support Group deliverables):
    • individual working groups
    • the Contract Group.
  • Provide advice on the implementation of the relevant pathways and prioritisation of the service delivery rollout.

In addition, the Expert Advisory Group supports:

  • evolving the current community pharmacy services agreement into the next phase
  • continuing the discussion on integration and pharmacist services and what that means for community pharmacy and ‘telling the story’.
  • consumers at the centre of any conversations and development of services
  • advancing equity of access to services locally and nationally
  • co-design of service delivery with pharmacy and across disciplines in primary and community care to support better health outcomes
  • leadership in action and supporting community pharmacy into providing better health outcomes for patients 
  • the Treaty  of Waitangi /Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles  of partnership, participation and protection underpinning the relationship between the Government and Māori and specifically mauri ora, whānau ora and wai ora.[1] 

[1] Partnership involves working together with iwi, hapū, whānau and Māori communities to develop strategies for Māori health gain and appropriate health and disability services.

Participation requires Māori to be involved at all levels of the health and disability sector, including in decision-making, planning, development and delivery of health and disability services.

Protection involves the Government working to ensure Māori have at least the same level of health as non-Māori, and safeguarding Māori cultural concepts, values and practices.

Expert Advisory Group Membership 

Dr Kevin Snee - Chief Executive Hawke’s Bay DHB

Andi Shirtcliffe - Ministry of Health
Barbara Broome - Ministry of Health Consumer Representative
Carolyn Gullery - General Manager Planning & Funding, Canterbury DHB
Cameron Monteith, Pharmacist 
Graeme Norton - Consumer
Graeme Smith - Pharmacist
Julie Kilkelly - Pharmacist
Lisa Williams - PHARMAC
Nora Jayne Parore - Pharmacist
Pauline McQuoid - Pharmacist
Steph Turner - Tumu Whakarae,  MidCentral DHB
Tim Wood - Deputy Director Funding, Auckland and Waitemata DHB

Expert Advisory Group - Terms Of Reference

The Contract Group

A key role of the Contract Group is the development of a new contract.

The Contract Group has met eight times since 20 February 2017. The most recent meeting was on Saturday 8 April.  The Group is working collaboratively and is having ongoing discussions. For this reason the Contract Group has recommended that the current Agreement should be extended by 12 months to give certainty to the sector as a new contract continues to be developed in readiness for 1 July 2018.

The DHBs will continue to work through the Contract Group to develop the new contract. The new contract is intended to deliver on the vision for Integrated Services in the Community, which aligns with the Government’s Health Strategy and the Pharmacy Action Plan. 

Contract Group Membership

The membership of the group  comprises: an independent chair, a consumer, four District Health Board representatives selected by the 20 DHB GMs Planning and Funding, three Pharmacy Guild representatives and a Green Cross Health representative arising from the Sector Agent selection process and  a Ministry of Health representative.  

Independent Chair: Geoff Sharp

Alison Van Wyk, Group Manager - Professional Services, Green Cross Health
Andrew Gaudin, Chief Executive, Pharmacy Guild
Andrew Inder , Manager Community and Ambulance, Service Commissioning, Ministry of Health
Cameron Monteith, Vice President, Pharmacy Guild Board and  community pharmacy owner
Carolyn Gullery,  General Manager Planning and Funding, Canterbury & West Coast DHBs
Cathy O’Malley, General Manager Planning and Funding , Nelson Marlborough DHB
Glenn Symon, Senior Manager Funder Support & Intelligence, Southern DHB
Graeme Norton, Chair, Hawke’s Bay Health Consumer Council
Jason Wright, Pharmacy Guild Board member and  community pharmacy owner  
Tim Wood, Deputy Director Funding, Development & Funding Manager Primary Healthcare, Auckland and Waitemata DHBs.

Contract Group - Terms of Reference

More information on the 12 month CPSA extension 2017-18