The CPSA services you need to know about are:

The Long Term Conditions Service (LTC)

The LTC service is designed to support patients with identified medicine adherence issues become self-managing through the delivery of a pharmacist medicines management service.

LTC Service

Community Pharmacy Anti-Coagulation Management Service (CPAM)

The CPAM service is an integrated care model providing an excellent example of the pharmacist and GP working collaboratively for the benefit of the patient, and as integral members of the primary health care team.

CPAM Service

Community Residential Care, Aged Related Residential Care & Co-dispensed Opioid Services

Use the Community Pharmacy Portal to register and generate reports on your Community Residential Care and Co-dispensed Opioid Services patients

Community Residential Care, Aged Related Residential Care and Co-dispensed Opioid Services


Guidance and tips for community pharmacists when working within protocols and dispensing Clozapine to indivudals.

Dispensing information