The Community Pharmacy Services Agreement is the contract between individual District Health Boards (DHB) and each individual pharmacy throughout New Zealand for the provision of pharmacy services.

Introduced on 1 July 2012, the CPSA reflected a shift to a patient centered pharmacy delivery model which encourages integration between health professionals has involved considerable engagement and collaboration between community pharmacies, District Health Boards, PHARMAC and the wider health sector.It has been implemented in stages.

Following engagement with the sector, the CPSA and the funding structure implemented with Stage 4 was extended. This was initially for 12 months however in March 2016 the 20 DHBs confirmed this would continue up to 30 June 2017.

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Consolidated version of the CPSA

Voluntary Variation - Pharmaceutical Margins & S26/29 subsidised unregistered medicines

Contract Extension - 1 July 2015 - current

Stage Four - 1 August 2014

Stage Three - 1 August 2013

Stage Two - 1 March 2013

Stage One - 1 July 2012

Improving inefficiencies for pharmacy 

Consolidated version of the CPSA 

The document below is a consolidated version of the CPSA. It reflects the changes and variations made to the CPSA over the various implementation stages.

Voluntary Variation CPSA - Pharmaceutical Margins & Section 26/29 subsidised unregistered medicines

Formal notice of variation
Offer letter
Voluntary Variation to the CPSA


More information on Pharmaceutical Margins

CPSA 12 - Year 2 Extension

Notice of Renewal

CPSA Extension - 1 July 2015

CPSA Contract Extension Variation
Quick Guide to the Contract Extension Variation (with appendices)


Stage Four - 1 August 2014

Key changes to the CPSA as part of Stage 4 included the introduction of Case Mix Service Fees, Relative Value Units (RVUs) and changes to the Long Term Conditions Service specifications and payment.

CPSA Stage 4 Formal Notice
Consultation on proposed funding for CPSA Stage 4


Stage Three - 1 August 2013

Stage 3 - Formal Notice of Amendments to CPSA 
CPSA Stage 3 Variation for pharmacies undertaking CPAMS



Stage Two - 1 March 2013

Several amendments were made as part of Stage 2 of the CPSA. This included more general amendments as well as more specific changes in relation to:

  • Co payments
  • Interim payment arrangements for service fees 
  • Community Residential Care Services. 

CPSA Stage 2 Variation - 13 March 2013
Quick Guide to the CPSA Stage 2 Variation


Stage One - 1 July 2012

Generic version of the CPSA 2012  


For more information please contact: Community Pharmacy Services Programme

Improving inefficiencies for pharmacy 

The Pharmaceutical Efficiencies Taskforce has been taking steps  to identify and tackle inefficiencies in the pharmacy sector.

Established in May 2016, the Taskforce comprises of representatives from Pharmacy, Ministry of Health, DHBs and PHARMAC. It is charged with consolidating and picking up the efforts made by other groups to improve efficiencies and make a positive impact for pharmacy in the short term.

Major focus areas include medicines wastage, brand switch, stock expiry issues and controlled drug recording. 

The full Pharmaceutical Efficiences Taskforce August Communication provides more information on key outcomes.

A copy of the latest Efficiencies Register is also available below.

August Communication
Efficiencies Register