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Community Pharmacy Services Agreement 2012

The CPSA was introduced in July 2012 and has been implemented in stages. 

Information about the Agreement, funding and pharmacy procedures can be found on these pages. Including material the Community Pharmacy Services delivered as part of the CPSA and advice for pharmacists.

The Agreement and Evaluation

The contract documentation and key things to know about the agreement and how it was implemented. This also includes information on the Pharmaceutical Efficiencies Taskforce which has been taking steps to identify and tackle inefficiencies in the pharmacy sector.

The agreement

Audit and Pharmacy Procedures

Information on pharmacy audits, the Pharmacy Procedures Manual and Pharmacy Transfers Guide

Audit and Pharmacy Procedures

Funding and Monitoring

Aspects involved in delivery of the Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (CPSA).

Funding and Monitoring

Community Pharmacy Portal

Pharmaceutical Margins

Information on the Pharmaceutical margins & Section 26/29 Subsidised Unregistered Medicines Consultation, including the 2016 Margin Offer.

Pharmaceutical Margins

Grant Thornton Report


The Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (CPSA) outlines what services community pharmacies throughout New Zealand are funded and responsible for. 

Community Pharmacy Services