Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement

District Health Boards have announced a new contract for pharmacy services – the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement. The new contract is the outcome of extensive consultation and engagement with the pharmacy sector, consumer groups and other health bodies.

It is a key step in enabling delivery of the vision of the Pharmacy Action Plan, which supports the government’s NZ Health Strategy and is an innovative and far-reaching blueprint for the future of pharmacy services.  It puts people at the centre of services, and envisions a future where pharmacists, as skilled medicine advisors, work more closely with other health professionals to maximise health outcomes for everyone.

It will be offered to community pharmacies from mid-August to mid-September, and will take effect from 1 October 2018.

Video message for community pharmacy from DHB Lead Pharmacy General Manager Carolyn Gullery

A short video message (5 minutes) for community pharmacy, which explains the new contract at a high level, and the key changes between the new contract and the contract proposed during consultation earlier this year.

Generic copy of the new contract

Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (135 pages)  PDF 

Contract-holders will receive an individualised contract when offers commence the week beginning 20 August.

To help you understand the new contract, we have prepared a range of material.

Letter of offer

Generic form of the Letter of Offer (14 pages) PDF 

Contract-holders will receive their individual letters of offer, reflecting their individual arrangements with DHBs, the week beginning 20 August.  

The Letter of Offer explains the key elements of the new contract and how the contract has changed as a result of formal consultation earlier this year, and subsequent engagement with sector representatives, pharmacy organisations and consumers.

It also contains funding details at a national level.  Individual contract holders will receive advice about their individual funding offer when contract offers commence the week beginning 20 August.


You can find an FAQ about the new contract here. This FAQ will be updated regularly.

Additional Information

Terms of Reference for the National Annual Agreement Review  (3  pages) PDF

Fact Sheet: Changes to the contract since consultation (Excerpt from letter of offer) (2 pages) PDF   

Fact Sheet: ICPSA Fees and Payments from 1 October 2018 (1 page) PDF  

Fact Sheet: Additional Professional Advisory Services Payment (2 pages) PDF

Fact Sheet: Funding – high-level (Excerpt from letter of offer) (1 page) PDF  

If you have any further questions, please talk to your local DHB Pharmacy Portfolio Manager.

ICPSA Payment Calendar

ICPSA Payment Calendar October 2018 to September 2019 

Three-month extension of CSPA 12 2017-18  

Due to the high volume of feedback to the recent DHB consultation on Delivering on the Pharmacy Action Plan, the CPSA 12 2017-18 was extended for three months to 30 September 2018, to give DHBs time to properly consider all feedback, have discussions with the pharmacy sector and other key stakeholders, and to finalise funding arrangements for 2018-19.

An FAQ on the three-month contract extension can be found here