Delivering on the Pharmacy Action Plan- Next Steps 

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Three-month extension of CSPA 12 2017-18  

Due to the high volume of feedback to the recent DHB consultation on Delivering on the Pharmacy Action Plan, the CPSA 12 2017-18 will be extended for three months to 30 September 2018, to give DHBs time to properly consider all feedback, have discussions with the pharmacy sector and other key stakeholders, and to finalise funding arrangements for 2018-19.

Current contract-holders will receive a letter of extension in June.

A FAQ on the three-month contract extension can be found here 

Consultation feedback

DHBs received 1141 submissions to their consultation on Delivering on the strategic vision of the Pharmacy Action Plan 2016-20, which ran from 5 March – 10 April 2018.

The Pharmacy Action Plan 2016-20 was developed following wide consultation in 2015. It supports the government’s NZ Health Strategy and is an innovative and far-reaching blueprint for the future of pharmacy services.  It puts people at the centre of pharmacy services, and envisions a future where pharmacists, as skilled medicine managers, work more closely with other health professionals to maximise health outcomes for everyone.

DHBs want to progress delivery of the Pharmacy Action Plan, and they want to make it easier to target local pharmacist services to meet the specific local challenges each DHB faces.  As part of the consultation, a new contract for pharmacist services was proposed.

Submissions from organisations can be found here

Ongoing engagement with the pharmacy and health sectors

On 9 May 2018, DHBs met with a range of key organisations from pharmacy and the wider health sector to share key themes that emerged during the consultation and discuss next steps.

The presentation can be found here.

A video of the meeting will be posted shortly on the TAS website.

DHBs will continue to meet with key pharmacy and health sector organisations individually and in smaller groups to engage and jointly discuss the way forward.

Announcement of contract approach from 1 October 2018

DHBs expect to announce their final approach to contracts for community pharmacy, for 2018-19 and beyond, by the end of June. 

Contracts will be formally offered to individual contract-holders from late July to mid-September and contract-holders will have plenty of time to consider the offer and have discussions with DHB representatives.

Consultation 2018 

To view the consultation proposal from the DHBs click here. 

If you have any issues with viewing any of the consultation documents within this section, please contact CPS Communications.