New pharmacy contract signals new era

District Health Boards’ new contract for community pharmacy services – the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement - took effect on 1 October 2018.

It is a key step to enable delivery of the vision of the Pharmacy Action Plan, which supports the government’s NZ Health Strategy.  The Pharmacy Action Plan puts people at the centre of services, and envisions a future where pharmacists, as skilled medicine advisors, work more closely with other health professionals to address inequities and maximise health outcomes for everyone.

You’ll find the new contract here, along with other important information.

National Annual Agreement Review 2018-19

Plans are under way for the first National Annual Agreement Review of the Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Agreement.  District Health Boards advised all contract-holders in November of the 2018-19 Review and let them know how they can participate. Contract-holders can represent themselves, or nominate a representative.

Letter to ICPSA contract-holders

The Review will consider all national components of the ICPSA, including funding.  It must be complete by July so any changes can be adopted on 1 October 2019, the anniversary of the contract. The first meeting for the 2018-19 Review will take place on 3 December.

Terms of Reference for the Review 

Queries to

Message to community pharmacy from Carolyn Gullery:  1 October

Watch a short video message from DHB Lead Pharmacy General Manager Planning and Funding Carolyn Gullery, marking the first day of the new contract.

Immediate next priorities are the first National Annual Agreement Review (NAAR), strengthening the Expert Advisory Group (EAG), and developing new local services to address inequities and meet the specific needs of local communities.  You’ll find more information in Carolyn’s video (above) and on the website.

Rongoa newsletter

The TAS Community Pharmacy Programme, on behalf of the 20 DHBs, recently launched a new monthly newsletter called Rongoa.  You can read the third issue here. The previous issue can be found in the Publications and Resources section. 

If you would like information in the newsletter about specific topics, please email your suggestions to

Website changes

The TAS Community Pharmacy web pages have been updated to reflect the new contract.  If there is any information you are looking for and cannot find, please contact