Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (‘Contract’) Extension 

Together, DHBs and the Sector are committed to enabling local innovation and access to services where required to deliver more valuable patient outcomes through local integration and targeting.

A new contract is being developed for 1 July 2018 to align with the other two national contracts, ARRC and PHO (where appropriate) and that is consistent in delivering the key objectives of the New Zealand Health Strategy and the Pharmacy Action Plan.

However, the Contract Group after discussing all options recommended to DHBs that the implementation of the new contract is delayed and that the current Contract should be extended to give certainty to the sector as a new contract continues to be developed in readiness for 1 July 2018.  It will work together to develop a new contract for pharmacy services, effective from 1 July 2018.

The Contract Group also recommended a number of other changes be made to the current Agreement. It has worked hard to ensure that these amendments (and initiatives) address some of the key concerns faced by community pharmacy in the delivery of people centred  care - they are aimed at supporting  pharmacy in new service areas to make a difference for your teams and for consumers.

The 12 month extension to the CPSA from 1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018


The Community Pharmacy Services Agreement (CPSA 12)

The CPSA was introduced in July 2012 and has been implemented in stages. 

Information about the Agreement, governance, funding and pharmacy procedures can be found on these pages. Including material the Community Pharmacy Services delivered as part of the CPSA and advice for pharmacists.

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Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community

Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community is the vision for the new pharmacy contract. Delivering on this vision will see DHBs working with the sector, consumers and other stakeholders to co-design a service delivery model that has consumers at the center.

It will also provide DHBs with greater flexibility to meet the needs of their local populations, promote pharmacists as experts in medicines management and encourage collaboration between consumers, their pharmacist and broader multi-disciplinary team.

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