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Certification Audits Provider Audits Internal Audit

We provide independent, objective audit and assurance services to private and public health sector organisations, including auditing health service providers, auditing and certifying quality and risk management systems, and conducting internal audits. 

Collectively, we have over 65 years of experience in the health sector and over 90 years of experience in auditing and compliance. We can also use the vast expertise in our team to provide these services for organisations outside of the health sector. 

This includes understanding the consumer or end user perspective via interviews and discussion. An organisation’s processes are validated. If opportunities for improvement are noted, understanding organisational context allows tailored recommendations that facilitate and support the organisation in its move to a position of compliance while maintaining its value differentiators.

Certification Audits

Our Designated Auditing Agency (DAA) and Certification Audit Programmes provides an independent auditing service of quality and risk management systems for health and disability service organisations under the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001 ("Act").

Certification Audits

Provider Audit Services

The provider audit programme is where service providers contracted with District Health Boards are audited. This is usually done as part of a routine audit schedule based on request from District Health Boards.

Provider Audits

Internal Audit Services 

Our Internal Audit Programme provides Independent Internal Audit, Assurance and Advisory work within TAS itself, for health sector organisations, and other organisations.

Internal Audit Services 


Hear what some of our customers have to say about our team and the services we provide:

“Well coordinated team, strongly led by the Lead Auditor, excellent communication from the audit team during the audit process.”

“The Team were very professional, competent and a pleasure to have at our Health Centre. The recommendations, when implemented, will definitely add value to our service. “

“It helped a lot to learn about our internal operations, made out team proud to showcase their work and to look for further improvements in service provision. A very valuable experience!”


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