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Provider Audit Programme


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Our process

Our approach

Our team

We audit service providers contracted with DHBs. Audits are usually done as part of a routine schedule, on request from DHBs.

Providers are audited against their contract with DHBs, as well as the Health and Disability Sector Standard and Leading Practices. Providers vary in size, from large Primary Healthcare Organisations to small mental health services.

We also do special audits which are issue based, usually smaller in scope and are more focussed.

We focus on adding value, and audit the whole organisations' systems, in a holistic way.

Our process

Our provider audit programme follows these key processes:

  • An audit is requested by the DHB
  • We notify the service provider of the audit
  • We plan the audit
  • We complete audit fieldwork
  • We complete audit tools
  • We write a final audit report.

Our approach

We take a systems-based approach to provider audits, focusing on five key areas for audit. This allows us to present a holistic view of the organisation and helps identify opportunities for improvement that may be missed in an audit approach with a narrower scope.  For each routine audit, we audit the following:

  • Governance
  • Business management
  • Service delivery
  • Quality management systems
  • Cultural and consumer responsiveness.

Our team

Our people are made up of clinical and business management auditors to ensure we cover the five areas of the audit.

Specialist auditors are contracted in to join our team, when needed. We can also draw on the expertise and skills of our colleagues.

For more information, contact:

Tevita L. Hingano
Manager Provider Audit Programme
Phone: 04 801 2463
Mobile: 027 245 5235

Last updated: 12/1/21