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Our Audit Team

Audit & Assurance is led by Holger Jessen and three senior managers - Helen Wood-Rowe, Tevita Hingano and Jared McGillicuddy.

They are supported by staff who specialise in an area of audit and report to one of the senior managers.

Audit & Assurance

Holger Jessen – Director, Audit and Assurance

Mobile: 027 498 6260

Director, Audit and Assurance, Holger Jessen.

Holger has worked in the audit profession for more than 30 years. He has experience in a wide range of audit areas and has worked in different roles within private and government banks in Germany before he moved to New Zealand in 2008. 

Holger manages a team of Health, Finance and IT auditors to provide a broad range of assurance services in the health industry with access to a huge number of specialists contracted in whenever needed.


Certification Audit Programme

Manager – Helen Wood-Rowe

Mobile: 027 531 9207

Helen started her career in the health sector as registered nurse and midwife and has held clinical and senior management roles in both the provider and health funder environments.

Her experience includes systems reviews, performance monitoring, quality, contracting and locality management. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in health auditing.

Helen has a special interest in maternal and child health, health of older people and governance.

In her leisure time, Helen enjoys gardening, fishing and restoration projects.

Certification Audit Programme Team

Heather Coffey – Lead Auditor

Cameron Peters – Audit Coordinator 

Provider Audit Programme

Manager – Tevita Hingano

Mobile: 027 245 5235

Provider Audit Programme Manager, Tevita Hingano.

Tevita has a nursing background working mainly in the area of specialist mental health and addiction, primary mental health and Pacific health development for the past 17 years. Tevita is an experienced project and service manager as well and has worked both in government agencies and NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) in Dunedin, Auckland and Wellington.

Tevita has a special interest in the area of systems development in particular organisational systems. He has been with TAS for over eight years and lives with his family in Wellington. He enjoys rugby and fishing. He spends his down time with his wife and children, and enjoys church and community work.

Provider Audit Programme Team

Jen McCamish – Lead Auditor
027 272 0781

Susan Beverley – Lead Auditor
027 349 2464

Catherine Gibbs – Lead Auditor
Mobile: 027 707 8900

Jacqueline Joseph – Lead Auditor
Mobile: 027 565 6437

Liz Wall – Lead Auditor
Mobile: 027 540 7640

Deborah Rogers – Audit Coordinator
Mobile: 027 2300 130

Internal Audit Programme

Manager – Jared McGillicuddy

Mobile: 027 240 6118

Jared M flipped horizontal

Jared has over 13 years experience in risk management and assurance services. His experience ranges from hands-on management of risk through to the design and implementation of effective risk management frameworks that cover strategic to front line operational risk. He has extensive experience in evaluating and providing assurance over a huge range of business processes and providing wider services including information security, conducting investigations, computer forensics and data mining. 

Jared has spent five years focusing solely on health – assessing health sector risks, and reviewing key DHB processes to provide independent assurance directly to Boards. He has developed strong governance skills both through his experience of working directly for Boards and his wider experience of sitting on a Board, recognising the often fine line between governance and management. 

Internal Audit Programme Team

Mike Binkhorst – Lead Auditor
Mobile: 04 801 2783

Karl Sadler – Lead Auditor
Mobile: 027 530 7042

Mick Bennett – Lead Auditor
Mobile: 027 702 1222

Last updated: 7/9/22