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We provide independent, objective audit and assurance services to private and public health sector organisations, including auditing health service providers, auditing and certifying quality and risk management systems, and conducting internal audits. 

Collectively, we have over 65 years of experience in the health sector and over 90 years of experience in auditing and compliance. We can also use the vast expertise in our team to provide these services for organisations outside of the health sector. 

This includes understanding the consumer or end user perspective via interviews and discussion. An organisation’s processes are validated. If opportunities for improvement are noted, understanding organisational context allows tailored recommendations that facilitate and support the organisation to move to a position of compliance while maintaining its value differentiators.


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We undertake a "360" review process to seek customer feedback about the services we provide.

Some of the recent feedback we've received is shown below:

Last updated: 12/1/21