About Analytics Services

TAS staff member Craig Moore reading about Analytics Services.

TAS works alongside sector stakeholders on national and regional programmes of work, identifying opportunities for performance improvement, and helping them to achieve their goals and accountability requirements.

Analytics services
We help our customers make better-informed decisions by using:

  • health data resources that may not be available elsewhere
  • national and international data and partnerships.

We’re experts in the field of health data and analysis, data management and reporting where we use health sector data to provide insights.

Investing in our analytics capabilities
Currently we are investing to further enhance our analytics capabilities, by:

  • establishing a state-of-the art data warehouse capability in the cloud
  • creating a new visual reporting capability, with embedded analytics, that allows our customers to interact with data in powerful and easy-to-use ways
  • continuing to enhance the capability of our people.


Visualise is our new interactive health insights reporting tool.

Harnessing the latest technology and best-practice principles, Visualise provides fast and user-friendly access to health data, without needing technical skills. It allows you to access and interact with data you need in a secure and consistent way across the system.

Visualise is both intelligent and simple, sharing trusted data that is visual, interactive and easy to consumer.

Download the Visualise poster

Visualise poster [245Kb]

November 2019

Last updated: 7/9/22