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About us

Our work is driven by our passion to support our customers to provide a public health system that delivers the best health care outcomes and experiences for all New Zealanders.

What we do

Providing value to our customers and stakeholders – professionals in the health sector – is at the centre of why we exist and why we do what we do.

Partnering with the health sector, both regionally and nationally, we provide a range of expertise and services to support District Health Boards to achieve their health care targets, and improve the services they provide to all New Zealanders.  


This is delivered through a team of planning and delivery experts, including:

  • Employment relations
  • Audit and assurance
  • Programme and project management
  • Planning and collaboration
  • Business intelligence
  • Health informatics.

Collaboration is central to our work.  We draw on the expertise, advice and leadership of health sector networks, actively seeking input and direction from a wide range of informed sources, including clinicians, professional groups, health managers and the Ministry of Health.

District Health Board representatives are involved in governance and decision-making, ensuring our products and services are continually meeting business needs.

Our future

Our future focus will be to bring information and insight to the health sector, to help them develop long-term strategies and programmes of work that will deliver real change, and contribute to improved health system outcomes for all New Zealanders.

Ultimately, our goal is to be acknowledged as a trusted and respected strategic partner who provides value to the health sector.

Our Vision

To be a respected professional services organisation delivering high quality management services to New Zealand District Health Boards and other health sector organisations.

Our Mission

To successfully partner the health system through providing expert resources and knowledge in a highly connected and collaborative way to facilitate better health and wellbeing outcomes for all New Zealanders.

Our Priorities

Put simply our priorities are:

Do what we currently do well

Our first priority is ensuring the programmes and services of today are operating well and have sufficient support and management to deliver the expected outcomes for our customers.

Build our reputation

Building on our service delivery, we plan to better understand how we are performing in order to prioritise improvement, and communicate our successes.

Deliver new value

Over the next three years, we plan to explore a range of potential areas that use our existing capabilities and add value to the health sector. These areas include:

  • Strategic planning and analysis for the national District Health Board executive
  • Further services with the Health of Older People and Employment Relations programmes
  • Developing a Health Informatics business group for the central region, and
  • Continuing to realise new market opportunities for Audit and Assurance, outside the health sector.

Our Values

We’re committed to building a values-based, high achievement culture and practices across all of our business relationships and activities.


We consistently behave with honesty, reliability, transparency and professionalism.


We work together and with others to drive excellence in all that we do.


We are passionate about achieving continuous improvement that will deliver better health and wellbeing outcomes for New Zealanders.


We work together openly and tenaciously to achieve the right outcomes.

View a diagram of our vision, mission, values and priorities to find out more.


Our history

2001       Central Region's Technical Advisory Services (TAS) was established as a shared services agency for the six Central District Health Boards.

2011       The National Services, Strategic Employment Relations and Collaboration functions servicing the 20 National District Health Boards, known as DHB Shared Services, became part of TAS under a hosting arrangement.

2013       District Health Boards decided to integrate the two entities. Whilst physically located together, the organisation continued to operate independently across a number of areas, with each holding on to their own ways of working.

2014       Under the leadership of newly appointed Chief Executive Graham Smith, TAS began its journey to create a sustainable future, by building a single unified organisation from the existing National (DHBSS) and Regional (TAS) arms of the business.

2015       TAS now operates as one unified organisation, with a shared vision, mission, priorities and values. Read more about our vision, mission, values and priorities .